Saturday, March 31, 2012

Crazy suggestion *CLARIFICATION

For all those whose hearts have been moved by the children on Reece's Rainbow:

I think that even if you're not ready to adopt yet, you should get an international home study initiated anyway*, in the event that you get hit by the Holy Spirit and need to move fast.

And, why not apply for that passport now, too?

Just thinking out loud.

Because some children, like Nicky, Oliver, and Evie are running out of time and options.

And some, like Brent, Heath, and Denis are in serious danger already in the institution.

All of the above kids have "sizeable grants" already (lots of money in their funds) and some, like Megan, are almost fully funded. She has already been transferred. And I'm guessing that Megan's conditions are probably less scary than they sound! Sometimes the medical terms make treatable things seem insurmountable.

Anyway, just think about getting those home studies rolling…. just in case. ;)

*CLARIFICATION: A couple of wise women have informed me that different regions/nations have different requirements for home studies. So, please be sure you have a region in mind before you start the home study process! I keep learning every day. Thanks, ladies!

**Second clarification and advice: See Heidi's comment below for more excellent info on how to get a jump start. Home studies are only good for a year, so check out what she says to begin working on if you are still not quite ready to adopt.


For some new faces and names, I am going to put a child on each post that hasn't been "seen" by me before:

Here is sweet Delilah:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just decided to do it.

I must be crazy for starting a second blog when I can barely keep up with the first. But the orphans on Reece's Rainbow have captured my heart, and I need to have a place to advocate.

I love to play at matchmaking as most of you know, and this is just another extension of that. Building up families for the Kingdom is pleasing to God, I am sure.

So, if even one orphan finds a family through my ramblings and postings here, then I am satisfied. 

To that end, the bloggers' "Malcolm Monday" has garnered $6,489.54 in two and a half days, for a total of $13,675.76*, not counting the checks that are being mailed in! I'd say that was a huge success!

Way to go, Malcolm! AND… drum roll… he has been moved to the "My Family Found Me" page! Malcolm has a commitment from the most wonderful family! I know them and I love them!! Hooray!

The most urgent case next is finding Laurel a family before she can no longer be legally adopted and her future is over:

She has over $11,000 available, and her region often waives the 10-day waiting period. But time is of the essence! Please spread the word about Laurel!  UPDATE: Laurel found a family!!! Praise God!

*Now at $14,148.26, on Thursday afternoon. That's close to $7,000 since Monday!