Saturday, March 31, 2012

Crazy suggestion *CLARIFICATION

For all those whose hearts have been moved by the children on Reece's Rainbow:

I think that even if you're not ready to adopt yet, you should get an international home study initiated anyway*, in the event that you get hit by the Holy Spirit and need to move fast.

And, why not apply for that passport now, too?

Just thinking out loud.

Because some children, like Nicky, Oliver, and Evie are running out of time and options.

And some, like Brent, Heath, and Denis are in serious danger already in the institution.

All of the above kids have "sizeable grants" already (lots of money in their funds) and some, like Megan, are almost fully funded. She has already been transferred. And I'm guessing that Megan's conditions are probably less scary than they sound! Sometimes the medical terms make treatable things seem insurmountable.

Anyway, just think about getting those home studies rolling…. just in case. ;)

*CLARIFICATION: A couple of wise women have informed me that different regions/nations have different requirements for home studies. So, please be sure you have a region in mind before you start the home study process! I keep learning every day. Thanks, ladies!

**Second clarification and advice: See Heidi's comment below for more excellent info on how to get a jump start. Home studies are only good for a year, so check out what she says to begin working on if you are still not quite ready to adopt.


For some new faces and names, I am going to put a child on each post that hasn't been "seen" by me before:

Here is sweet Delilah:


  1. I'm definitely going to be getting a passport and probably some documents in plae just in case. Never know when my hubby might totally be for it and I'll have to act fast in case he changes his mind lol!

    Thank you for mentioning Megan. Sigh.

  2. I love your new blog Leila! Thanks for doing all of this.

  3. Another thought - home studies are only good for a year. After that year, you have to do "updates" (which cost more money). If you are unsure of a region, but know you want to adopt in the future, it might be a good idea to - instead of getting a home study done - get everything READY for the home study. Do things that all home studies will require: make sure your house is up to code, get all of your documents in order (they recommend 3 original copies of everything - birth certificates for everyone in the house, marriage licenses, past divorce licenses, if applicable, etc). Make sure you have everyone's doctors visits (and vet visits) up to date - they'll need documentations of vaccinations for everyone in your house, both 4 legged ones and 2 legged ones. In AZ, you also have to get a fingerprint clearance card which takes FOREVER - you can go ahead and get stuff like that done now (or make sure you have all of the records, if you've already had it done). Not only will this save you time when it comes to doing the official home study, but it will help spread out of the costs - each of those things adds up ($30 here, $50 there, etc) quickly. If you plan ahead and get it all done now, when you figure out what region you're interested in and what home study you'll need done, you will be able to move forward MUCH more quickly, and it will not seem like as big of (or an insurmountable) cost.

  4. Heidi, that is fantastic advice! Especially getting a move on the fingerprints card, ha ha, as I know what a pain that has been for you! Great, great suggestions! Again, I am learning! Didn't know home studies are only good for a year!

  5. I wonder if hubs will wonder why I am getting three of everything...hmmm. lol Love the thought. Grateful we already have passports-I will have to review if those expire and get those vaccination cards filled in!

  6. Awesome advice!!!! The church militant is mobilizing for His little ones....

    About sweet Delilah... For those readers who have followed Carla's journey to rescue little Henry, Delilah has Larsen Syndrome, just like sweet Henry.

    She is still so young, and has obviously received some appropriate treatment in the baby house (casting, etc), so anyone who finds themselves haunted by those big brown eyes needs to get on over to Carla's blog ( and learn more, maybe ask some questions.... And pray for this little lost one who so needs a Mama's arms to hold her.