Monday, April 16, 2012

Available to single moms!

So many of the orphans on Reece's Rainbow are available for adoption by single moms. If you are a single woman, there's an easy way to check for those children. Look at the bottom of a child's profile, where there are "categories" listed in blue type. As with Danila, below, some will include the link entitled: "Available to Single Moms"

If you click on that specific category link, it will bring up a whole listing of such children, and you can scroll through the waiting orphans, one or more of whom may one day call you "Mama"! Click to see:

Aren't they beautiful?

Send this blog post to any single woman you know (above the age of 25, I believe?) who is longing to be a mother to a lost orphan. You could change someone's life.


  1. It'll be a few years, a lot of prayers, and a lot of saving money! Who knows, maybe I won't be single by the time I can meet all the requirements.

  2. Hi,
    On my blog,I have listed the children on Reece's Rainbow age 6 and older by age and need so that it is easier to find the children who will be aging out of the program soon. I hope it is helpful for those rallying to find children homes who's time is very limited.
    We are praying for them all.
    Thank you for rallying for these children.


  3. How do I put the kids I am praying for on the sidebar to my blog?

  4. Lianna, good question… I think you have to "add a gadget" in your design or layout thingie if you have Blogger. And then you add a picture, or a link, or an HTML code. I usually have to think hard before I figure it out. Tell me if you need more help.