Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bling on the Blog for the Babies

What has blown my mind since Carla* introduced me to Reece's Rainbow is the way that our little cadre of Catholic bloggers and facebookers have come together in the past two months to support (and adopt!) the orphans. It's been such a community effort, a time of grace.

So imagine my delight when Rebecca at Shoved to Them announced that her friend at Simply You jewelry offered to host a major fundraiser for the RR orphans! It runs for two weeks (until April 26), with 20% - 30% of all proceeds going to Reece's Rainbow! The quality of the pieces is amazing, as you'll see when you check it out.

The great thing is that Mother's Day is just around the corner. So you know what to do -- get something here for your mom (or mother-in-law), your grandma, or yourself (I like to tell my husband what to get me for gifts, ha ha!). Then, use the party code below when checking out:


You've gotta shop anyway, so why not simultaneously help those orphans with which we are all obsessed? Go to Rebecca's blog if you'd like more info:

And, as is the mantra around here, spread the word!!

*Please pray that Carla's Henry, who has been in the hospital for too long now, will be able to get home soon.


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