Sunday, April 29, 2012

Declan, where's your mama??

Declan is developing perfectly normally. He's not even three years old yet. Where is his mama? Let's find him his mama and daddy! Spread the word! Share, share, share!



  1. Hi Leila,

    Love Declan. Thanks for posting this! I'm doing a giveaway this week for Declan. Will you please help me advertise the giveaway on this blog? I should have it all set up by tomorrow. Thanks so much!

  2. Let me know when the giveaway happens, I will help too in anyway I can!

    BTW, I have to do a shout-out for my sister-in-law who is also doing a giveaway with another lady who is trying to adopt a little girl with HIV. The little girl is available NOW, and is very sick. She's needs a home. This lady is trying hard to get everything together, but needs $15,000 in 2 months. I know there's a lot of giveaways going on, but anyone reading this, please hop over to the Ironic Catholic's blog--there's a lot of great stuff to be given away for a donation of your choice!

  3. Hi Leila and Becky,

    Okay, here's my "Declan Drawing" that I'm doing for him.
    Whatever you want to do to get the word out is greatly appreciated!

    I just know Declan's Mama is out there somewhere!

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi, Leila! I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I are in the preliminary stages of adopting Declan. We sent off the application to the adoption agency today and are getting ready to apply for the home study. Thank you for all you've done to advocate for Declan!!!

    2. AMY!! YAY!!!! I could not be more thrilled!! I just love that boy and to know that he has a loving mommy and daddy coming for him is the best news I've heard in a long time! God bless you, and I can't wait to hear more!!

  4. And Becky, I'll definitely check out your sister-in-law's giveaway!