Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Delilah -- two years ago

Oh my goodness. I recently saw this baby picture of Delilah:

It was taken two years ago.

She's been waiting a ridiculously long time.

Look at her now:

I am her Guardian Angel on Reece's Rainbow (I actually think she accidentally has two GA's, lucky girl!), and it just kills me to see that she has no smile. A little three-year-old girl should be smiling.

I hope someone passes this along via email, or posts it on facebook, and I pray that she doesn't have to spend one more year in an orphanage, without a family of her own.

Sweet Delilah.



  1. She is SO CUTE!! I bet her momma comes pretty fast. Her updated pics are just precious and she's, luckily, not in Russia.

  2. Will repost that my Henry also has Larsen's Syndrome like Delilah but she is clearly not as severely affected as she is (ie she can sit up, he cannot)...happy to answer any questions!!'