Thursday, April 26, 2012

Diane Sawyer made her famous, now she just needs a home.

**UPDATE!! Masha found a family!! Hooray!!

Precious Masha was not available for adoption until this ABC News piece made her famous:

(Keep in mind, Masha is not the featured girl in the story; she is the exuberant  
girl at the institution who approaches the pretty young reporter 
and throws her arms around her, calling "Mama?", at 1:38-1:50.)

Unfortunately, that 15 seconds of fame has not yet brought a family to save her. How I hope someone will see this and decide they cannot live without her.

Please, spread the word about Masha.



  1. I love her. So much. Praying for you, sweet angel! I can't believe she wasn't adopted right away after this was aired, really. Who can resist that??? Maybe they don't get that she's available??

  2. Kara, I know!! I think she was not available at the time, but then later they allowed it. Perhaps by then all the publicity was evaporated? Ack! She is too wonderful.

  3. Leila, where did you get this video? Is it possible that I could embed it so that I can put it on my blog?

  4. Becky, go to Masha's listing. There's a link to it there and it has imbed codes.