Friday, April 13, 2012

Heidi's birthday!

Few people have done as much to help the orphans than Heidi Czerkes. Not only has she helped others fundraise and organize, and not only has she generously donated to help those other families and children, but she has done all this while her own international adoption of sweet baby Peter is still ongoing and not completely funded.

Today is Heidi's birthday. Let's show love to this dear woman by donating to Peter's adoption fund, even $5 or $10, to help bring her son home.

And, thanks to a generous donor, each dollar you give will be matched! Your $5 will instantly turn into $10, or your $10 suddenly becomes $20.

Happy Birthday, Heidi!! I am blessed to call you a friend!


  1. I was so hesitant to click on this blog. Glad I did! Happy birthday, Heidi!

  2. Thank you, Leila, for putting this out there!

    Thank you for the birthday wishes!! :-)

  3. We love you Heidi! You are an amazing gift from God!