Thursday, April 26, 2012

If you don't have much money, but still want to help...

…there are some excellent ways to do so.

Spread the word via social media

First, never underestimate the power of simply spreading the word. God has given us the technology to make these children known to the world. Twitter, facebook, email, blogs. Just find a beautiful face on Reece's Rainbow (think of becoming a Guardian Angel) and spread the word!

I know this works, because I've seen it happen in just the few short months I've been advocating. In fact, just this morning I received a message from an internet friend. One of her coworkers had seen my friend's facebook post about RR, and fell in love with a little girl she saw on the site. She has begun the process to adopt that girl! My friend's message to me ended with this: "I felt I couldn't do anything and here I made a difference after all!"

That just made my day.

And, I know that Malcolm has a family committed to him today simply because of a video they saw posted on the blog and facebook of a friend.

Donate when there are matching grants offered

Another excellent way to help, even if you have very little means, is to find "matching grant" opportunities for the orphans and families on RR.

Matching grants are so satisfying, because every donation, no matter how small, is automatically doubled by another donor.

So, if you can give only one dollar, the donation instantly becomes two dollars. If you can only spare $5, then you have actually just provided $10. And if you can give $10, you have actually given the gift of $20.

You get the point, and believe me, these little donations add up quickly!

I will frequently publicize matching grant opportunities, including one that is available today. The family linked below has been offered a matching grant that will run for 28 hours. It begins now, at 8:00pm EST (Thursday), running till midnight tomorrow. Every dollar you donate will be matched, up to $800, and this family will be able to get over the final hump and be fully funded, ready to fly off and claim their children (yes, this family is adopting TWO orphans).

Sometimes, those last one or two thousand dollars are the hardest to raise, because all resources -- mental, emotional, physical, and monetary -- appear to be exhausted. That's where God's little helpers* sometimes come in, to push them over that final hill. ;)

Here is the link to that matching grant challenge, if you are able to help:

UPDATE: Well that was quick!! They are now fully funded!! Yee-haw!!

Bottom line, please don't think that you're helpless just because you can't adopt or don't have much money. You have much power to change these orphans' lives!

*Word on the street is that these anonymous helpers are known as "The Finishers"!



  1. Exactly! 5 bucks here and 5 bucks there from 50 people adds up!

  2. Absolutely! Every dollar counts!