Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Journey to reunite two angels"

What a story! You will want to follow this. I know I will be. Here's the background:

My name is Sylvia. My husband and I adopted a 21 month year old baby girl with down syndrome from Eastern Europe in 2010. From that point on our lives would never be the same. She has been the greatest blessing we could have ever wished for. She is now three and is doing unbelievable. In 2010, after returning with Gabby, we learned of another little girl with down syndrome that was in Gabby's orphanage. Not only was she in Gabby's orphanage but she was in Gabby's very groupa room. This little girl lived with our Gabby every day for their whole lives. We are now on a journey to bring these two precious angels back together again. Any prayers or assistance you can provide to us would be greatly appreciated and much needed. GOD BLESS!

These babies even slept in the same crib! Read more of the story to reunite these girls:

Journey To Reunite Two Angels: On a mission: I still remember so vividly the day we met our sweet Gabriana "Gabby". Pale faced and with a limp body, the orphanage workers placed her in …


And I am still praying that little Delilah's family will see her and come rescue her….

Look at those eyes!

Maybe it's you? Maybe it's someone you know? Let's get her out of this crib and into her mommy's arms! 


*Please note the clarification regarding international home studies on the previous post.



  1. I sent Delilah's info (and what Carla had to say about Larsens) to Amy, who is now praying on the idea. I also have her links to a few other sweeties. <3

  2. I want her in my arms....Killing me.

  3. Thank you for telling the story of "Journey to reunite two angels" Leila! All of these children need help, so many can be saved and yet so many won't be.

    It only takes one person to spread the word and one person to continue.One person donate $20 and another person to donate $20 more. Pretty soon, if even four people donate $20 you have $100. I see how many people visit these blogs, and I think if only they could donate just a little. Even send a check if they don't have a paypal account or want to skip the paypal charges.

    Dealing with a sick baby today and I'm sick myself, but I'll be following these two girls stories.

  4. Donated, which helped my complete my Lenten Almsgiving goal (appropriate since it is now Holy Week, LOL). Thank you again ~ truly you have been an answer to prayer directing my giving this Lent.