Saturday, April 28, 2012

Meet Andrew, a five-year-old prisoner of his crib -- simply because he's blind

Andrew is blind. That's all. He is a little boy stuck in this crib, all day, every day, in an Eastern European orphanage with no family, because he is blind.

Please, spread the word, and let's find a family to adopt Andrew and get him out of this damn crib…. Watch below to see how he spends all of his time:

(Thankfully, large families and older parents are eligible to adopt Andrew -- as well as smaller families and younger parents, of course. Click on the image above to get to Reece's Rainbow and get more information on Andrew.)

Sorry, but this makes me angry.


Please, share this link with others. His family has got to be out there somewhere! And we have many people ready to assist in any fundraising that may be needed to complete the adoption.

God bless you!



  1. It makes me angry too. He is so beautiful. I can't imagine being alone with no stimulation and blind for 4 years. Sigh.

  2. That makes me angry too because blind people can learn and live full lives. My father went to a blind rehab facility and rec'd excellent training.

  3. Ack! He's so cute!

    What is wrong with these nannies that they would keep this little boy in his crib all day?

  4. Okay, it just makes me cry. Just makes me want to gather him up in my arms and run!

  5. In what country do these orphans reside? Russia? What is wrong with those people who run those orphanages and created that system? Why did these parents give up their children? The answer is probably very complicated I suppose. Do people from their own country ever adopt these children who are in these orphanages? Do people from other countries adopt these children? Obviously, I have a lot of questions.
    Dear God, help us save these children!

  6. Lena, we can't say specific countries but Andrew isn't in Russia. He is in eastern Europe, though.

    I don't have an easy answer for what is wrong over there. The way I see it, is they're just still backwards thinking and put absolutely no value on children with special needs. Their Society is not accepting of moms who want to raise their special needs children. Most orphans with SN are placed in an orphanage straight from the hospital

    I call it the disposable baby mentality. They have an incredibly high abortion rate there as well. There are hundreds of thousands of orphans in eastern Europe alone.

    Yes, some orphans are adopted domestically but I hear there is also a big trend of them just taking them back to the orphanage when they don't want to parent anymore.

    Yes, people from other countries adopt. I have friends adopting now.

    Anyway, you can help. Educate yourself. I knew nothing of this issue until a few months ago. At first it hurts like crazy. I lost sleep from it. But now that I know, I can help.

    My mantra is pray, share, donate, and adopt. You can help in many ways. These babies need to be seen so that they can be rescued.

    Sry for typos. On my phone and it's fighting me.

    1. Edit: I shouldn't say just no value on children with SN, they don't hold much value on children at all. Let alone SN. But keep in mid, America was te same way not long ago. Institutions and all. And America still has a long way to go as well.

      I could ramble forever.

  7. I cannot tell you how much he reminds me of my own five-year-old son. :(

  8. Over here this child would have been part of early intervention programs, gone to pre-school, and probably be taking swimming lessons in the summer.

    And for whoever is reading this and doesn't know, when a person has a white cane with a red part near the bottom of the cane, that person is blind. The person may be totally blind or legally blind, so please let them cross the street in front of you. Please don't run them over. Go ahead and introduce yourself to the blind person. I know a few things (not everything) because I tote my legally blind dad around town. He's still able to live alone and cook his own meals if he feels like it.

    I hope Andrew can come here soon and experience the resources America has to offer. With proper training and his own little white cane, he can learn to navigate around his home, his school, and his neighborhood when he is old enough.

  9. Lena, thank you!!

    And I wonder if Andrew even could be treated successfully here? Especially if he just needs cataracts surgery? I don't know for sure, nor do I know much about blindness in general, but I imagine something more can be done for him here in the US, regain some or all of his sight.

  10. Plenty of old people here have cataract surgery then they wear dark sunglasses for a while. That would be wonderful if Andrew could gain some sight.

    (My father is legally blind from glaucoma for which there is no cure.)

  11. The baby crying in the background made me sad too :(

    I wish I could bring all these babies home :(

  12. I have been told that even if he has surgery, he will never regain full vision because that part of the brain has to develop pretty soon after birth. Without visual stimulation it can't develop. He may be able to see light and dark, and no one can say for sure what's possible.......