Saturday, April 14, 2012

My RR children, and what is a "Guardian Angel"? *UPDATE

I am officially a "Guardian Angel" for two RR children!!

Here is seven-year-old Beau:

And here is three-year-old Delilah:

Any day now, they should have the following icon added to their profiles:

I can't wait!

So, what does it mean to be a Guardian Angel? Well, it does not require anything more than prayer and advocacy (getting the word out about your child). A Guardian Angel is not required to donate any funds (though it's certainly allowed!), but the prayer and advocacy should continue until the child finds his forever family. You may request up to two children. (Believe me, I asked about having three; Brett, I hope someone else grabs you quick!! How is it possible he has only $20 in his fund? Ugh! Someone, help him get some funds!)

If you are interested, go to this page and email Laurie with your requested child's name. I admit to being a little confused about whether or not one can be a Guardian Angel for a child with Down Syndrome, as the GA program seems only to apply to those children without Downs, I think? Not totally clear on what the program is for the Downs babies. Does anyone have info on that?

Then, get the word out! Blogs, pictures of the child on your sidebar, twitter, facebook, contacting family and friends (email appeals to your personal contacts, if not overdone, work wonders for fundraising!), etc. Prayer is paramount, and exposure, exposure, exposure. A child cannot be found if no one knows he exists!

Are any of you already part of the Guardian Angel program? If so, who's your GA child? If you aren't yet part of it, do you plan to be? And if so, do you have a child in mind? I'd love to hear it!

*UPDATE: Please think of helping this family. They are traveling soon to get their girls, but they are still VERY short of their funds, which could put the adoptions in jeopardy. Even a dollar will help. Click here.



  1. I guess the "prayer warriors" are for the Down Syndrome babies, and the "Guardian Angels" are for the other special needs. Still waiting on if I can Nico's Prayer Warrior... lol

    I love your little angels. So precious.

  2. Leila, love this site you've created-God bless your added efforts for these kids! I've developed such a soft spot for Beau, and was just overjoyed to see you've become his prayer warrior! :)

  3. I was just going to write a post about the child for whom I'm a "GA"! Oh, I have been praying for Simeon so much. I want to do some sort of fundraiser too, but my husband might kill me if I try to do another matching campaign. HAHA.

  4. Thanks, Kara!

    Flamingo Girl, I know… Beau's eyes just sparkle with hope! I have a 7-year-old. It's hard to see Beau without a family.

    Meg, I hear you!! ha ha!

  5. I am so going to be a Guardian Angel since I am not in a position to adopt yet. Thanks for pointing out that option! Even though my blog doesn't receive many hits, who knows who might see it!

  6. Lianna, wonderful! Do you have a particular child in mind?

    1. Yes, I think precious Nicky Z. on the sizeable grants page. I just emailed about being his angel and am waiting to hear back!