Monday, April 30, 2012

Nicholas needs a Guardian Angel (updated: whoops!)

***Correction to the title and everything else: I completely spaced and didn't remember that kids with Down Syndrome, like Nicholas, do not get "Guardian Angels" on RR, but they can have Prayer Warriors. So, Nicholas needs a Prayer Warrior, not a GA. Sorry for being such a flake, ack!!

That simply means that Nicholas needs someone officially praying for and advocating for him, until he finds a family. He cries in his sleep, and he is getting close to being sent to the institution. Anyone want to be his advocate? You really would be his angel.

(He already has a big grant! Where is his mama?)

More info on Guardian Angels, here.



  1. He has an entire family praying for him and discerning. Hope his mommy comes soon. I don't know if they've made it official, but he definitely has some prayer warriors whether it's official or not :)

  2. I don't think he can have a formal "Guardian Angel" since that program is for kids with other needs (not DS), but he can have a prayer warrior! I don't really know if prayer warriors sign up or what...

    Kara, that is so great that a family is praying about him! We need to pray for that family! How did you hear about this? It's amazing all the info that gets circulated around....

  3. Yes, you sign up to be a prayer warrior, the kiddo just doesn't get a special thing on their profile. I dunno why. I got a magnet and I'm on the books as an official prayer warrior for mine.

    I know because they are friends of mine. They have been praying for a long time and things are happening. :) Yes, please pray for them.

  4. Kara, that is so good to hear!! And, I don't know how my brain missed that. Of course I knew (and I think I have even written) that GA's are for kids without DS. I am so spacey sometimes, ack!!!!!!!!