Sunday, April 8, 2012

Please look at the "10 over $10,000"!

[Be sure to check the comments below to enter an incredible giveaway for little Carina.]

I love how this blog is a collaborative effort.

I received an email the other day, from a reader named Sara:
Hi Leila!

I am a Catholic mama to five homegrown kiddos and am in the process of adopting a sixth little one from Russia (Martin 14G on Reece's Rainbow). I found your blog through Conversion Diary via One More Smith and am hoping and praying you will help me with something.

The five sweet little boys below are all 5 and 6 years old and will each have over $10,000 in grants in the next week or so (the checks are literally in the mail for the ones who aren’t quite there). These little guys should be digging for worms and playing t-ball and falling in love with dinosaurs and trains - not being sent to mental institutions! They are so well funded (some of them could come home for a few thousand dollars) that I really think they just need to be SEEN and their families will find them, but I have only this week started to blog (ie no one is reading what I write yet) and I'm not on FB so it's hard for me to spread the word effectively. I know you have mentioned Brent before, but would you please, please, pretty please consider joining me in featuring all their sweet faces on your blog sometime in the next few weeks?
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
In Him,
[Sara blogs about her family's adoption of Martin at Foxberry Farm Almanac.]

Thanks to Sara, I am thrilled to introduce you to the "5 over $10,000" (and one who is so close), plus the four others who exceed that amount, for a total of "10 over (or just shy of) $10,000"! So many potential parents worry about the finances of international adoption (and rightly so), so here are some little ones with major funds already! Please, send this link to friends, family, acquaintances. Link it to your blogs and facebooks. Tweet it to your followers. These kids need to be seen!

Elden is a "very lively, cheerful and naughty boy. Loves games and jokes. Loved by kids and educators." He is in a region that requires 4 trips, but the trips are all short (a week or less) and the region is a near a major city so the in-country travel is not difficult.

There are twenty-three more photos available here and oh my goodness is he cute!

Brent is healthy and active and badly needs a family as he has recently been transferred to an institution.

Preston is smart, active, social and in a great region to adopt from.

Alexander is affectionate and social and in the same region as Preston.

Sergei is a sweet little blondie who needs his mama.

And there is also Yegor. He doesn't quite have $10,000, but he's very close and in another great, low-cost region from which to adopt. There are a few more pictures of him here.


Thank you so much, Sara!

I noticed that Nicky also has over $10,000 in his fund now! Hooray!

And I just want to put in one more plug for Megan, who is almost fully funded at $24,000. She has already been transferred. :(

Danila G. has over $10,000, too, and a beautiful smile!

And sweet Laurel, of course, who is in dire straits and only has about three months to be adopted. She has well over $10,000 available also. **UPDATE: Laurel has a family now!! Praise God!                                                                                                                                        

A blessed Easter to all of you! He is Risen!



  1. Sweet boys! Thank you for mentioning megan again. I will not understand it if she isn't brought home soon.

  2. Please, Jesus, put it on the hearts of the people You have chosen to be these children's parents...Put it on their hearts to adopt them and make a way! Amen!

  3. Leila,
    Will you please mention my dear friend Steph's giveaway (starting today) for Carina 15H? Steph is a devoted Catholic mom to a little girl with DS (and five other great kids), and a tireless and dedicated warrior for orphans with special needs. She is trying to raise Carina's grant, and more importantly, get her beautiful little face out there so her family can find her. Carina is turning four this month, and may be transferred from the baby house. Many beautiful, fun prizes in this giveaway! Please share!!!!!

    Also, thanks for posting Danila's photo! I am her prayer warrior, and it breaks my heart that she is still waiting! She is a beautiful, happy, and sweet girl who will fit in so well with a family! She is so lucky that they have kept her at the baby house this long, probably because she is an orphanage favorite. But they can't keep her there much longer. My oldest son prays for her also, and wishes we could adopt her, but her region won't take families with 8 kids. :(

    Thanks for what you are doing, good and faithful servant. :)

  4. Robin, I'd love to! Can you post the link? Thanks so much! My heart just aches for Carina. And Danila… oh, she is so sweet!

    1. Oh yeah! Thanks so, so much!

      And Happy Easter!!!!!

  5. Thanks, Robin! I posted this on my main blog, too, and my facebook! Praying that her family sees her!

  6. I am so glad you have Laurel up there! She is the one that I have been praying for most as she has such a short window of time left before she can no longer be adopted. I love this new blog! Happy Easter!