Tuesday, April 10, 2012

She's 14 years old, and weighs 14 pounds. Welcome to the "Bad Place".

If you have not been reading about what has happened in Bulgaria, in the "Bad Place" (the Pleven orphanage), then you need to know. It's good news, finally, after all the bad:

This has been months in the making, thanks to the most amazing adoptive moms who shoved aside their fears and have done what most of us would consider unthinkable. They are heroes.

And today, I saw the Mother of all Giveaways, from a family who is adopting one of the Pleven orphans, a 14-year-old girl who weighs 14 pounds. You read that right. 

You will not believe the story, nor will you believe the quality of the giveaway items to follow, donated by generous folks who want to see this starving girl come home to be loved and cared for -- finally. Please consider reading this post:

I don't think anyone who reads about Pleven will ever be the same. 

Lord have mercy. And thank God for the Body of Christ on the move.


  1. Did you know the dad blogs too? I love it.

    So glad those babies are getting out of there. So glad that Bulgaria stepped up to fix the problem instead of freaking out and pushing it under the rug. Hope all of those babies are adopted fast.

  2. both links made me cry! These precious children are in my prayers!

  3. My brother has been following a story of another girl with the same problems (teenager, severely underweight, only weighs a little over 10 pounds..)I thought at first that this was the same girl, but I guess not, as the girl from the blog has already been adopted.

    I "chipped in" to bring home Faith! I hope they have a great turn-out with this huge giveaway they're doing!

  4. Hey Leila! Posted about them on my blog to try and help out too, but I was wondering if you have a button for Orphan Report I could add to my sidebar... Thanks!

  5. Thank you for starting this blog.

  6. Just an update - they adopted that little girl, who they've renamed Hasya. She's in precarious health (and they've since added another little boy to their adoption dossier!), and Adeye is traveling to Bulgaria in the next few days.

  7. Virgo, thanks so much for the update! I was wondering when they would be traveling… I was hoping it would be soon! God bless them.

    1. Adeye is in Bulgaria now and met little Hasya a few days ago. The pictures are heart-wrenching.