Sunday, April 22, 2012

Simeon is an outcast in his orphanage...BUT! Wait'll you see what you can do to help!!

A wonderful guest post from Meg today! Please, help Simeon. He is pretty much ignored in his orphanage and an outcast because of his darker skin, but let's give him the attention he deserves!

Thank you, Leila for letting me write a post on Orphan Report!

Since discovering Reece's Rainbow toward the end of February, my heart has truly been touched by the stories of so many children, but one stood out in particular. Simeon's sweet little face and the reality of his life in an orphanage struck a chord with me. I mean, how could you not love this little guy?



So, having to do something I signed up to pray, advocate and fundraise for Simeon through the Guardian Angel Project.  And since then, I've gotten in touch with two amazing Etsy shop owners who are also generously rallying behind Simeon!  Check out their promotions below-so many great gift ideas so take  look, buy here, and help Simeon get home!

The first shop owner is...

When I came across Maranda's shop, I quickly realized I loved literally everything she created. These bags (and clutches, and change purses, and more!) would make such great gifts for that stylish friend, new mom needing a diaper bag or your own mom! Or you know, just as a treat for yourself. I especially love the coordinating fabric she uses on the inside and the strap. Here are a few of my favorites:


Maranda is donating 20% of all sales using the code 

"Save Simeon" 

at checkout between Sunday April 22 and Sunday May 6!  

Due to time constraints, this offer can't be applied to custom orders, but "made to order" is just fine!

And our second wonderful and enthusiastic Etsy shop owner is...

Debbie has such a large variety of items at her shop-she is definitely the "go-to" place for religious items, in my opinion! Lots of great items for Mom (if she's into that type of thing), First Communicants and Confirmandi. She has items designed specifically for certain Sacraments, patron saint necklaces, Rosaries and even more masculine items for the men.  She also has a celtic themed section.


Debbie is donating 10% of all sales to Simeon from 
Sunday April 22 to Sunday May 6, no code required!

But Debbie was so touched by Simeon's story, she wanted to do even more, so she created a necklace in his honor!  

Purposefully designed with simplicity, Simeon's necklace features a sterling silver plated angel wing pendant paired with a glass pearl to call to mind this sweet child's innocence.  

If you purchase Simeon's necklace, priced at only $10, 100% of the sale will be donated to his grant fund to help bring him home!!

Shipping not included.

So please, please, please spread the word every way you know how about these amazing promotions meant to help an adorable orphan find his family. And if you are looking to buy any gifts in the near future or are in the market for a cute new bag or a beaded bracelet, consider purchasing from The Original Hot Mama Bag and The Cherished Bead -- you won't regret it and Simeon will be thankful!

Thank you, Meg!!



  1. The sale code for Maranda's site is not working...

    1. That code will not deduct 20%. What it will do is tell Maranda that 20% of this sale is to be donated to Simeon at the end of the promotion. Then, she will total up all of it and donate it herself after May 6. Hope it helps!

  2. That code will not deduct 20%. What it will do is tell Maranda that 20% of this sale is to be donated to Simeon at the end of the promotion. Then, she will total up all of it and donate it herself after May 6. Hope it helps!

  3. That necklace could/would/should be an AWESOME Mother's Day gift!!

  4. Especially with the story behind it!

  5. Just emailed my husband "mothers day?" and this link. hehehehe :)

  6. Becki and teamstout, indeed!! And Mary, yes! :)

  7. I bought the last 4 necklaces available for Simeon, today. Thanks for an amazing opportunity to help Simeon and buy gifts for a few of the caretakers at our boys' orphanages. The guardian angel wings are perfect as they have cared for our boys, while we weren't able to. Blessings!

  8. I just looked for a "like" button on Mandy's comment...I am on Facebook way too much! But that's amazing Mandy! Prayers for you and your boys!