Friday, April 6, 2012

Updates! Hooray!

Just a Good Friday update to thank whichever angels were busy this week helping two special boys:

Malcolm reached his $15,000 Easter goal and then some!

He also has been moved to the Family Sponsorship Page, and there you will find some more details provided by his adoptive parents, about how it all came to be. Now it's about sponsoring the family, not just an orphan in need of a family, which is why the numbers went back to zero (well, now it's at $50) on this page. Slow and steady, we will get Malcolm home.

Also, once Meg's matching funds get counted, sweet Justin has enough money to move him to the Sizeable Grants page (also called the Moving Mountains page)! This will give him tons more visibility -- although we do hope that ultimately he can come home to Meg's family. ;)

I think the key for anyone who is doing matching grants -- as Meg did with Justin and as I did with Oliver -- is to send out emails to friends and family. Facebook and blogs are helpful, too, but it's those whom know you personally, who may not read facebook and blogs, who will respond to your appeals most readily.

Wouldn't it be great if everyone chose an RR orphan and advocated on his or her behalf, by offering matching funds (no matter how small)? Think about it! Meg and I can help you with the details! It's quite easy, and quite fruitful.

Have a most blessed Holy Week, and be sure to pray for the orphans during this grace-filled weekend.



  1. The matching funds has been such a great experience! It's a win-win-win! People donating and the person matching are getting a deal ($2 for $1) and of course, the child gets twice as much! It is inspiring and humbling to watch the number go up, knowing that people love and respond to the call to give of themselves for another. :)

  2. I'm confused on how Malcolm's money went back to a lower amount.

  3. Lena, sorry, I should have explained. He still gets all the money in his original account (that is up to $15,552.26 right now), and that gets disbursed to the family when they get their first flight date. That is the money he got just "on his own" as an orphan looking for a family. People wanting to support him and any future family. Then, once a family commits, there is an option for that family to have a "Family Sponsorship Page" on RR, for people who want to support the family in their efforts to bring him home. But as long as the adoption goes through, the money is all used by the family to bring him home. The RR accounts are tax deductible. Some families also set up private donations on their blogs. Those are funds that are not tax deductible, but that can be used immediately, for up front expenses like homestudies and all the incidentals. Hope that helps!

  4. Yep. If the adoption falls thru for some reason, Malcolm's fund ( the $15,552) will stay with HIM, and go to whomever ends up welcoming him home. The Smith family's fund (the FSP) will stay with them - not Malcolm - if something falls thru.

  5. Thanks for explaining. It's a shame adoption is so expensive. I understand those in charge want children to go to a good home, but oh my goodness the money it requires.

  6. For myself, it's just the opposite. I've found blogs to be more successful than emailing family and friends. But I think that's only because I email my family for help every time I find a new orphan...:-)

  7. Becky, ha ha, good point. I should have said, "It's best to hit up those whom you haven't already hit up a thousand times."