Thursday, May 31, 2012

I think I convinced her...

Jody is bringing home beautiful little Oksana and had been running a giveaway (for a flat screen TV!!) for a month and a half. But I don't think anyone knew about it! I think I talked her into extending it for a couple of weeks.

Here you go, readers:

Even a share on facebook gives you an entry! Your odds right now are very good!

Who can resist this face?

Sweet Oksana!

Not me! I already donated. Not much, but every little bit helps bring her home.

Share, share, share. Thanks, guys!!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

**WONDERFUL UPDATE!!!! URGENT: Gabby's file only available until June 10!

**UPDATE May 30: Gabby found a family!!!! Praise God!!!!

Please meet Gabby:

Gabby resides in the "bad place". If you don't know or remember what the "bad place" is, go here:

My understanding is that Gabby's file is only available to Reece's Rainbow until June 10. If she hasn't found a family to commit to her by then, she may have lost her best chance to escape the horror that has been her life up until this point. So many of the children there have found families to rescue them. I pray that Gabby won't run out of time to find hers.


And a reminder: Only TWO more days remain for the matching grant offer for Larisa! One generous donor has offered a $1500 matching grant to help give this child a chance at a family. The response so far has been slow, as only $143 has come in (she started at $200). Please, any amount will help!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

My thoughts on trolls

Today I got my second troll comment.


Anti-adoption trolls come around adoption advocacy blogs and generally link to two tragic stories involving international adoption. In other words, they use the veeeeeerrrryyy rare exception as the rule.

But that's patently ridiculous.

It's like linking to a story about a father who kills his wife and kids, then proclaiming that, therefore, fathers are evil and families should be abolished.

No one but a fool would find that line of reasoning compelling.

The amusing part is that the trolls also link to other stories that have lovely outcomes and happy endings, and they use those good stories as "evidence" of the evils of adoption as well! That part makes me laugh!

These trolls are not clear thinkers. They need to be prayed for -- and they need to be ignored.


Meanwhile, have you seen beautiful Celine? She faces imminent institutionalization, and she has a huge grant already available for her adoption!


Also, don't forget to enter the iPad giveaway to bring Ava ("Yulia") home! Even if you only share it on your facebook page or blog, you will get an entry in the giveaway. If you can donate, you will get even more entries:

And, if you donate $35 or more, you not only get multiple entries into the giveaway, you also get a beautiful handmade baby blanket (here are three of your choices -- front and back views):

Thank you for donating and/or sharing, and God bless!!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

I feel like I know Chad. Please read his story. *UPDATE

I recently read something on Daneille's blog, The Wonder of Boys, that stopped me cold. It was the story of Chad, who could be any average American teen boy, even like my own. But, sadly, he doesn't live in America, and so his case is perilous and urgent. He has ties to America, though, and he would give just about anything to be able to come back permanently. I will let Daneille tell the story...

[The third and fourth pictures just kill me.]


I'd like to introduce you to Chad. Chad turned 15 years old in April. He is very close to aging out of the system. If you don't know what that means, here it is: When Chad turns 16, he will be turned out of the orphanage (in Eastern Europe) and will be on his own. Sixteen-year-old boys should not be on their own. They still needs their moms, and Chad is no exception. Through an unhappy act of fate, Chad wound up in an orphanage, but he should not be there. He should be in the arms of a loving family. For Chad, time is running out.

Chad has been hosted in the United States twice by families who have adopted children from the country Chad is from. Both families loved Chad and speak very highly of him, but neither family was in the position to adopt again. Chad has watched as his friends at the orphanage have been found by their forever families. Chad still waits, and time is running out.

Chad is a healthy child with no physical or mental delays. He is a quiet, kind, and helpful boy. Chad likes to ice skate and play basketball. He is a good runner. He would do very well on a high school sports team! (My own child, adopted at age 11, has played for the varsity soccer team! These kids thrive in families!) 

Chad does ok in school, but his teachers report that he prefers sports to studying. (Hmmm, that sounds very normal!) He knows a few words of English but is shy to attempt speaking them. Friends he knows from his country whom he met again while being hosted highly recommended Chad for adoptive placement; these children, who have been through what Chad has been through, feel that Chad would do very well in an adoptive family.

Chad desperately wants to be adopted. He knows his time is running out. He asks for a mother to come for him, as mothers have come for his friends. Chad was affectionate with his host mothers and enjoyed giving and receiving hugs. He was friendly with other children, interacting not only with the children his age but also with younger children.

Chad has good communication skills, and it is reported that he "seems like such a normal boy." Chad wants to come home to a family just as his friends in the orphanage have. Unfortunately for Chad, he has only about nine months before his chances for a loving family are gone forever.

Chad lives in a country with adoption fees of $20-25,000. The adoption process can be completed in 6-12 months. It is possible for Chad to be adopted after he turns 16 as long his his immigration has already been approved. To make sure that things work out, it is important to have a dossier ready by January of 2013. A family interested in Chad would need to move quickly!

The host program facilitator in Chad's country knows Chad well, and he and the host families would be willing to talk to any family interested in adopting Chad. It is possible that an interested family could Skype with Chad, email him, or speak to him via cell phone.

Please share Chad's information with everyone you can! This boy is depending on us to help him find a family! Fifteen may seem old, but think back to when you were 15. Think back to how much you still needed the love and security of your family. Think back to how much you have relied on your family as you have grown to adulthood; your family is with whom you have celebrated your successes and found comfort in times of distress. Your family are the people you love the most. Chad deserves the love of a family. He deserves a better life than being a throw-away child dismissed from an orphanage. Chad has been hosted in America twice; he knows what his potential is. Please help him achieve it!

Any family interested in Chad is welcome to contact me (please click here to reach my blog), and I can give you the contact information of the facilitator in Chad's country as well as that of people who know him. You can click the Email Me button on the right sidebar of my blog, or you can leave a comment for me. Please help me move Chad to the left sidebar of my blog, where I can caption his photo "Chad - Found"! 

Chad is running out of time! Please help him!


Thank you, Daneille! I'm praying someone reading this will see their son in Chad, or at least spread the word to others.

*UPDATE: Chad does not have HIV or any other medical special needs as far as I know. And, he has seen three of his orphanage buddies leave for the United States in the past month, to join their forever families. He still waits. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

How 'bout some GOOD orphan news??? :)

Honestly, I really do get that it's hard for most people to read about the orphans without getting depressed. So many folks do not want to become obsessed with poor babies whom they cannot reach out and save. It's overwhelming and I understand that. I think that is why lots of readers of the Bubble carefully avoid this second blog.

I don't blame you all. I understand that one must protect one's own heart and sanity. I don't expect that everyone can be a part of this on a regular basis.

But, I'd like to give you some good news, and then please hear me out at the end.

When Carla first started her adoption of Henry, and when she later advocated for dear Malcolm, a bunch of us jumped on board. We slowly realized what was going on out there, and we found Reece's Rainbow's pages of orphans. It was the beginning of a fruitful Lent, advocating for these special needs orphans. Later, I started this blog, because I knew I had to help save as many of these little loves as possible. I knew that Christ was asking me to do something.

Everyone can do something. You may think you can't, but even the littlest "something" can save a child.

Here's one example of how beautifully this can work:

One of the readers of the Little Catholic Bubble fell hard for the orphans. DD, of A Woman's Catholic Journey, acted on that love by simply posting some links periodically on her facebook. She talked up the orphans, advocated, got the word out.

A few weeks ago, she informed me that a coworker had looked at Reece's Rainbow because of those facebook links. That coworker and her husband are now in the process of adopting Tatiana, a little girl who dreamed that a family would one day come for her and sobbed when, time and time again, she was not the one chosen.

How different this little girl's world looks now! Tatiana has a mother, father, sister, and brother (and two labs!) waiting to welcome her home.

Tatiana is going home to Ohio!

All because someone took a moment to put a link on facebook.

Truly, that is all it takes for these orphans to be seen, and to find their happy endings.

Please, I don't expect folks to spend hours a day obsessing over the RR orphans like I do; I truly get that that is not going to be everyone's passion. But if every reader of this post would link at least one RR child's profile to their facebook or blog, or tweet just one time about a particular child who needs a home, the results will be life changing for many children who are now lost. I've seen it first hand, more than once now.

Please consider the occasional link, even if it's just a commitment to link a child's profile once or twice a month. It could change someone's world.


PS: Some people are skeptical when they first learn of Reece's Rainbow. I always tell them to watch the Diane Sawyer ABCNews piece, here. They realize then that it's legit.

PPS: I forgot that there is even MORE good news! Remember the kids in Region 15? There is official word now that an adoptive family may have up to seven children in the household (including the adopted child or children), which opens up the pool of potential families considerably! It used to be that only smaller families were eligible to adopt in that region. Praise God for the change!

PPPS: Look at what my jar for Asa looks like this morning!

My son put some paper money in there, too!
What does yours look like? It's not too late to start! We count our change on June 1. Click the image for more details!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

**UPDATE! She still sits and waits for the family that never came...

***UPDATE!! Anya's family has found her! Hooray!!!

An American family was coming for Anya, but they could not proceed. Anya, who is HIV+, still believes the family is coming for her, and she waits for them every day.

Please take a chance and link this to your facebook, even if you have never done that before. This is how families are found. It's how Tatiana's family found her (her new mom's coworker had posted a link to RR on facebook), and it might be how Anya's family finds her. One day, her mama and papa will walk through the doors of the orphanage and find her waiting.

(Anya is five years old; don't let the "14" next to her name fool you... that's just a code number for the orphanage.)

Click here for more information on Anya.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Princess Ashlyn and the kids of Region 15

My dear friends Charles and Eli are adopting "Malcolm" (Marat) from Region 15. Precious Ashlyn is from Region 15 as well. Can you resist her? 

Girl, born November 2009
Blue Eyes
Nature calm
Medical information:  Down syndrome; heart defect:  atelocardia and mitral insufficiency (valve leak);  astigmatism;  dacryostenosis (blocked tear duct); atopic bronchial asthma; Dermatitis
What a pretty little dolly!  Ashlyn has developed very well for her age; she is walking, talking and even singing (!). She loves music very much.  She has very soft and kind personality; she is very smiley and likes to show her kindness by hugging and kissing.
Several darling photos available, single moms welcome!
$1356.50 is available towards the cost of my adoption!


More precious children from Region 15, here. Check them out, and as always, spread the word!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just got word...

… that Kody's file is soon to go back, meaning that RR will not be able to list him anymore! Sometimes, a child's file is only allowed to be shown for a limited amount of time before it's pulled by the home country or the orphanage.

Please, if this precious boy does not find a family to commit to him soon, there will not be another chance.

Please don't let that happen to this happy, loving boy. He is available to large families or small, to older parents or young, and to single moms as well as married couples.

Please, paste his page or this blog link to your facebooks and blogs, and get this boy some exposure! I promise you, that is what works. Exposure, exposure, exposure! I've seen it happen time and again. In this case, time is of the essence. Thank you!


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kurt: A love story

I am so pleased to run this guest post today, from my dear friend Mary Ann, whose heart is as big as the universe, and who has fallen in love with a little man named Kurt.


I'm a collector of kids. I have my own amazing minions, as well as a slew of their friends that call me mom. Most of my collection are boys, but I'm sure more girls will be added as The Princess gets older. When I was young I imagined I would have twice the number of children I do. But now I have all these extras to love & play with & I don't have to be responsible for their homework...boy howdy is that a plus.

Leila introduced me to Reece's Rainbow and all the precious orphans that so desperately need families.  I can't allow myself too much time on the site because I want to bring them all home...especially the boys.  Then came Kurt. I fell into his big, brown eyes and wasn't able to surface. I want to kiss those cheeks and get him to smile. If my life were different I would snatch him up so fast, but it isn't. His cerebral palsy is mild and he only had $10 in his fund*! So now I'm Kurt's guardian angel. I'm committed to praying for him and helping him find his family. The kids are praying for their "little brother". I know his mama is out there, she just needs to see him!

*Today it stands at $28. Let's get his funding up, but more importantly, please show his photo to your family and friends. That's how we find homes for these beautiful children.


Friday, May 18, 2012

Here's your (fun and easy) assignment for Asa! Join me!

Step One: Find something to use as a loose change jar (I'm using a Tupperware container).

Step Two: Put a sticky or a label on the jar that says "For Asa".

Step Three: Find all the loose change you can over the next 14 days, and put the change in the container.

Step Four: Tell your family members to put their loose change there, too. (Kids especially love this!)

Step Five: If they balk, show them this picture of Asa:

Step Six: Go to this site and read all the details that Jennifer has posted about this 15-day (now 14-day) challenge.

Step Seven: On June 1, cash out your change jar and send the amount to Asa's fund, here.

Step Eight: Report back to Jennifer, here, and tell her how much you collected and donated!

So excited for you to join me! 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oliver, Oliver, Oliver, Oliver, Oliver, Oliver.

Oliver's eyes have haunted me for months. He looks like he could be one of my own children. I love him. 

Sweet Oliver, age 5

On February 29, 2012, he had exactly $13.00 in his account. No one knew him. No one cared, it seemed. He drew me in and I loved him. I convinced my dear husband to begin Lent with some almsgiving. I asked him for a big amount (sacrificial, even) to offer as a matching grant so that our friends and family members -- anyone, really -- could be moved to throw some money in his account, knowing it would be doubled by us. We didn't usually do stuff like this. I sent out mass emails with a heartfelt appeal, and people responded (I'll never know who, as they deposited their donations directly to Oliver's account via PayPal). I appealed through my facebook as well. 

By Easter, with the addition of our matching grant, his fund had grown to $3,427.30*. I rejoiced when Oliver was moved to the Moving Mountains page, and now receives more exposure. Today his fund stands at $3,500.80 and he has a Guardian Angel.

I am still haunted by his eyes, and I still am praying like mad that this boy finds a home. That someone will pick him up from that damned crib, put him in a wheelchair and take him outside. I pray that someone will hug him and kiss his sweet face and tell him that he is dearly loved. 

Will you pray with me, for Oliver? And spread the word? I won't rest until I see him home in his mama's arms. 

*My only blog at that time was Little Catholic Bubble, which has a good readership; however, I did not put my appeal for Oliver on the blog, so all the funds raised came simply from our email and facebook appeals! My husband and I plan to do a similar almsgiving campaign every year, for the orphans. I hope you'll follow by advocating for your own orphan on RR in this same way. It's easy and fruitful.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's a good problem to have!!

So, I used to be the Guardian Angel for two children on Reece's Rainbow, but now I am only the Guardian Angel for one!

Yep, I could not be more delighted to report that my sweet little Delilah has found a family! (I check the My Family Found Me page several times daily. It's been smokin' lately!)

You're going home, baby!

I also can't wait for the day that I "lose" my other child, Beau, to a forever family. He is as darling as they come. Have you seen his video yet? The eating part is fun, but keep watching until at least the point where they show him walking down the hall, sitting in his chair and arranging his things. This boy is amazing and brave, and some family will be so blessed to have him!


Who on earth can resist that cuteness?

For more information on precious, wonderful, happy, polite, neat, and intelligent Beau, click on this image:

Let's get him home!!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Here's what I don't get...

We've got sweet little Elias here, and he's a beautiful little boy with a darling face and a character described as "calm", looking wise beyond his years. In addition to that, he has a grant that is big enough to have landed him on the coveted "Moving Mountains" page. And yet there he sits. It's like he can't win for losing. 

I don't hear a lot of chatter about Elias (hey, it's not his fault he is in pink!) and I just often wonder why he is overlooked time and again? 

After all, he is available for adoption by large families, older parents, and single moms, so it's not like there are tons of restrictions in this region.

Please, will you all spread the word about Elias? He is four years old now, turning five in December. He is surely headed for the institution if no one moves to rescue him soon. Please, don't let that happen.

Remember, exposure! The more people know about RR and orphans like Elias, the more likely these children will find homes. Keep spreading the word to new people and new groups. Get creative!

**Also, the $1500 matching grant for Larisa (provided by one very generous donor) is still running. Not many matching dollars have come in, but the opportunity runs through May. Even a little less than the full matching amount will bring Larisa to the more visible "Moving Mountains" page and give her a better shot at a family. Go here for more info.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Nobody talks about Vlad

And that is why I have him on my tabs, and it's why I'm posting about him here.

Vlad speaks good English and is always optimistic. He is obedient and polite.

And he dreams about obtaining a family.

Take a look at Vlad; he probably knew that his picture was being taken in the hopes that a mama and papa might find him.

God bless Vlad, and let's work to find this forgotten child a home.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

We CAN get Sheridan out of the mental institution. Please read!

The dreaded words on an orphan's profile: "Already transferred."

It means that a small special needs child, barely out of toddlerhood, has been sent from the "baby house" to a mental institution to live out the rest of his days. I'm not even going to discuss the bleak existence that becomes reality for these children once they are transferred. You can look back at this post if you want some idea.

Sometimes, there is still hope for these children to be adopted. In the case of Sheridan, a little boy who has already been transferred, there is now great hope. Real hope. A lovely family that I know about is in the process of adopting a little girl; they recently inquired about other orphans in the area, hoping they might bring home two children instead of one. A little boy with Down Syndrome, Sheridan, was one of the children presented to them as being nearby.

This wonderful family wants to commit to Sheridan, now. But they are understandably wary of doing so unless they have a reasonable assurance that the new expenses will be covered. They have already adopted one baby from Eastern Europe (about 18 months ago), and they have not yet fully financed the pending adoption. To add Sheridan on this upcoming trip, they will not have to start from scratch (which would be hugely expensive), but they will have to find an additional $7000 to bring him home, too. $4000 is for the orphanage fees (Sheridan is near their other child's orphanage, but not in the same facility, unfortunately), and $3000 is for the cost of Sheridan's medical exams, visa and plane ticket.

I promised the family that I would do what I could to help them save Sheridan. I told them I would put the word out and pray that people would respond by filling Sheridan's grant with donations. If and when there is a reasonable amount and it becomes possible to finance Sheridan's adoption in addition to the current one, they will officially commit to Sheridan and get him out of the institution!!

No one I know has really seen or heard of Sheridan. He hasn't been on anyone's radar screen, so this really would save his life. And, there are other children at Sheridan's orphanage who will be able to get their photos and videos taken by the family, to increase their visibility and chance for a family as well. So much good can come out of this effort to get Sheridan's grant up to the "feasibility" level!

Some, like this amazing family, are called to go out on that limb and adopt these children into their homes. They are willing to do the "hard work" of getting mounds of paperwork completed, being scrutinized, risking heartache, flying overseas to a strange land for an uncertain amount of days, opening their hearts to a lifetime of caring for the medical and emotional needs of these children. Others, like me and maybe you, are called to assist these heroes, with fundraising, advocacy and donations.

If you are in the latter group, please, can you help by donating here? You will be part of a miracle for Sheridan. He may not get a second chance if this doesn't work. I don't mean to be dramatic, but those are the facts.

Please, spread the word, via facebook, blogs, email, or any way you can. One minute of your time, one click, could make all the difference in the world for Sheridan.

Let's save him. It's within our power to do so!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Video saved Malcolm. Will video save Aiden?

I dare you to watch this video of this darling, joyful, abandoned boy and not cry. I double dare you. Go ahead:

Could Aiden be your son? Could you make the sacrifices necessary to go and get him? Do you know someone else who could, and who needs to see this? Can you claim this boy for yourself or send this link to someone who will?

God bless you.


And, a wonderful update from Megan regarding Simeon's fundraiser: "Total, we brought in $614 for his grant! Plus, Debbie at The Cherished Bead is going to continue to sell Simeon's necklace for $10, with 100% going to his fund. It will just be part of her store now."



Monday, May 7, 2012

Larisa is 13, HIV-postive, and absolutely lovely. Plus a happy video to make you teary.

I hadn't seen Larisa on RR until I got an email from Mary, a wonderful Catholic woman who blogs at St. Henry II. Mary is Larisa's new Guardian Angel, and she is trying to make something wonderful happen.

Mary is putting up $1,500 of her own money toward matching grants for Larisa. That's a lot of money, folks! Surely we can pitch in $5 or $10 (skipping that latte just once or twice this month), knowing that every single dollar we donate will automatically be doubled by Mary. 

Larisa only has $200 now. If this matching grant is a success, she will be well above the amount needed to get her to the more visible "Moving Mountains" page, where she will be  in a better position for her family to find her.

Learn more, here: Matching donations for Larisa!

And donate to her fund on her RR profile page, here.

By May 31, Mary will look at the total and match every dollar gained in the month of May (a month dedicated to Our Lady, Mary's namesake).

If you want to know more about adopting a child with HIV, or are curious about their potential, then please go to Project Hopeful for tons of info.

But no matter what you do, don't miss this incredible video of a teen, Selah, living with HIV. She is fourteen -- just a year older than Larisa. Selah was adopted by an American family as a little girl and now thrives. I think she is captivating! I couldn't stop looking at her healthy, shining face, and marveling at how peaceful and joyful and faith-filled she is! Watch and see what I mean (and perhaps have some Kleenex handy if you are the crying type):

And for the sake of Larisa, who is still desperate for a family of her own, please donate even $5 or $10 to her fund, to be matched dollar for dollar.

If you cannot donate right now, please would you consider posting this link on your facebook or blog?

God bless you! You are a generous bunch!!


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Beautiful Yasmine and something I'm really excited about!

First, Yasmine.

Sigh. Sweet, sweet Yasmine. She is "walking sunshine". She suffers from CP and turned-in ankles. With American medical intervention, she would thrive! She is almost eight years old now, and I fear she has long ago been transferred to the institution. I pray I am wrong on that.

She doesn't seem to get a lot of "buzz", and I wonder if anyone wants to be her Guardian Angel and advocate for her? It does not require fundraising, only simple prayer and getting the word out that she is desperately wanting and needing a family.

Maybe you are meant to be her Guardian Angel?


Second, there's an Avon fundraiser I'm really excited about, because these are products we all need and use anyway, so I can easily justify it to myself and my husband. And, the prices are amazing, so I'm actually saving us some money! The best part is that 50% (yes, I said 50%!) of the total goes to fund the pending adoption of little Ava (known as Yulia on RR), a sweet girl from Eastern Europe with Down Syndrome. Her story is incredible, and I highlighted it in a past post:

Mom Sylvia is an Avon representative, and if you give her your order before May 7, she can bundle all the orders and receive half of the proceeds to help bring her second daughter home! Please look at all the great stuff here, and instead of ordering directly, email Sylvia at newhopeinterventions (at) yahoo (dot) com so that she can send all the orders in together (I believe there is only a $3 shipping charge for your entire order). I have already given Sylvia my order and I am waiting on my daughters to put theirs in as well!

As Sylvia says on her adoption blog: Avon has something for everyone (women, men, children)! Instead of giving your money for makeup, perfume, creams, lotions, etc. to a random store, give it to a wonderful cause at a GREAT price!

And it'll help get this angel home where she belongs:


I cannot wait till the day that Gabby and Ava are reunited as real sisters, never to be separated again! (And I'm really excited to get my pretty make-up and yes, even my wrinkle cream!)


Friday, May 4, 2012

Nico: A love story

Wonderful Kara is guest posting today, introducing us to someone whom she loves dearly:

Take it away, Kara!

(Pictures removed for privacy.)


Do you believe in love at first sight? 

I do.

Because when I first saw this baby, something within me cried out.

But, I ignored it because we are in no place to adopt right now and hubby doesn't think we can handle Down Syndrome. 

Then, about a week later, a friend sent me his link saying, "I found your son!"

So, I saw him again. Only this time, I clicked on his picture and another one popped up.

Oh, my heart! He looks so much like me and my 10 month old daughter! 

So, I started praying. I couldn't stop thinking about this little guy. 

I researched and I researched some more. Then I found more pictures!

And I cried. Hard. For a multitude of reasons. 

He's not smiling.

He was abandoned and has been waiting for almost 2 years.

And I love him and can't rescue him. 

His region seems scary, folks, but it's not. 4 trips may seem like a lot, but the trips are short. The money may seem daunting, but I have seen the Lord move mountains to bring these children out of the darkness. 

This beautiful boy, created by God, is perfect in every way. He was put here for a reason. Sin has failed him. We have failed him for two years. Please, do not let this baby sit and wait any longer than necessary. 

Surely his mommy is out there. She just needs to see him. To feel the way I do when I look into his gorgeous eyes.

Share this angel. That's all you have to do. Shed a light on this darkness. Be his voice. Get him seen.

It is going to be harder to find him a family because he does not have a grant. Please do what you can. Please spread the word. Help this angel.


"In all things I have shown you that by so toiling one must help the weak, remembering the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, `It is more blessed to give than to receive.'" acts 20:35

"Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat." - Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

Click here for Nico's Reece's Rainbow listing!



Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sonny and Trina prove why it's so urgent.

Do you see the sweet little redheaded boy on the right side of your screen? That was Sonny before he was transferred to the institution. Still at the baby house, he had a joyful countenance, no dried out lips or cuts on his face. They didn't shave his hair off back then. He had access to toys and books and probably had some childlike fun. 

Then it stopped. At age five or six, these babies get sent to the adult mental institution. The child on the left does not even resemble his former self, does he? I think it's shocking. He is still adoptable, however. Please God, get Sonny and others like him out of that place!

One of the most time-sensitive situations on RR right now is Trina. She is almost sixteen (doesn't look it!) and soon will be legally out of luck, with no chance of adoption, spending the rest of her life in the institution. I hate, hate, hate that they shave her head.

No child should be in that place. May God lead her family to her before she loses all hope for a future.

I know that it's not possible for many of us to adopt right now. But there are many who are able, and who would do so, but they just haven't known of the need. Please, as always, will you spread the word? You may not realize it this side of Heaven, but perhaps your simple actions will change a child's life.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I can't believe it! *UPDATE!!!

**UPDATE! Make that six orphans! Masha just found her family!

Five orphans that were up on my tabs at the top of this blog have been moved to the "My Family Found Me" page in the past few days! Nadine is the latest, tonight! It's crazy!

I am replacing their names with new children who need homes. The latest one is Hayley.

C'mon Hayley's family! I know you are out there!

And if you are in the mood for a HUGE giveaway, with many thousands of dollars worth of prizes, you will certainly want to check this one out:

The prizes are so good that they've raised almost $5,000 in the first day!

Harper is a doll, but she is a very sick little girl and needs to get home soon. Looks like a lot of folks are making that happen, praise God.


Also, if you can afford $1 a week, you can join the "$1 a week for…" event on facebook. One orphan is chosen to get the donations of all those who join the page. If you can afford what amounts to just about $4 a month, then all of our money pooled together can make a huge difference in the grant of one RR orphan.

Okay, are we up to date? I think so…. See you next time!