Saturday, May 5, 2012

Beautiful Yasmine and something I'm really excited about!

First, Yasmine.

Sigh. Sweet, sweet Yasmine. She is "walking sunshine". She suffers from CP and turned-in ankles. With American medical intervention, she would thrive! She is almost eight years old now, and I fear she has long ago been transferred to the institution. I pray I am wrong on that.

She doesn't seem to get a lot of "buzz", and I wonder if anyone wants to be her Guardian Angel and advocate for her? It does not require fundraising, only simple prayer and getting the word out that she is desperately wanting and needing a family.

Maybe you are meant to be her Guardian Angel?


Second, there's an Avon fundraiser I'm really excited about, because these are products we all need and use anyway, so I can easily justify it to myself and my husband. And, the prices are amazing, so I'm actually saving us some money! The best part is that 50% (yes, I said 50%!) of the total goes to fund the pending adoption of little Ava (known as Yulia on RR), a sweet girl from Eastern Europe with Down Syndrome. Her story is incredible, and I highlighted it in a past post:

Mom Sylvia is an Avon representative, and if you give her your order before May 7, she can bundle all the orders and receive half of the proceeds to help bring her second daughter home! Please look at all the great stuff here, and instead of ordering directly, email Sylvia at newhopeinterventions (at) yahoo (dot) com so that she can send all the orders in together (I believe there is only a $3 shipping charge for your entire order). I have already given Sylvia my order and I am waiting on my daughters to put theirs in as well!

As Sylvia says on her adoption blog: Avon has something for everyone (women, men, children)! Instead of giving your money for makeup, perfume, creams, lotions, etc. to a random store, give it to a wonderful cause at a GREAT price!

And it'll help get this angel home where she belongs:


I cannot wait till the day that Gabby and Ava are reunited as real sisters, never to be separated again! (And I'm really excited to get my pretty make-up and yes, even my wrinkle cream!)


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  1. Thanks Leila! Hopefully we can get some orders to come in the next couple days ! You've already got us two :) outside of yours and your daughter! Thanks so much!!!!!