Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Here's what I don't get...

We've got sweet little Elias here, and he's a beautiful little boy with a darling face and a character described as "calm", looking wise beyond his years. In addition to that, he has a grant that is big enough to have landed him on the coveted "Moving Mountains" page. And yet there he sits. It's like he can't win for losing. 

I don't hear a lot of chatter about Elias (hey, it's not his fault he is in pink!) and I just often wonder why he is overlooked time and again? 

After all, he is available for adoption by large families, older parents, and single moms, so it's not like there are tons of restrictions in this region.

Please, will you all spread the word about Elias? He is four years old now, turning five in December. He is surely headed for the institution if no one moves to rescue him soon. Please, don't let that happen.

Remember, exposure! The more people know about RR and orphans like Elias, the more likely these children will find homes. Keep spreading the word to new people and new groups. Get creative!

**Also, the $1500 matching grant for Larisa (provided by one very generous donor) is still running. Not many matching dollars have come in, but the opportunity runs through May. Even a little less than the full matching amount will bring Larisa to the more visible "Moving Mountains" page and give her a better shot at a family. Go here for more info.



  1. Oh my gosh he's so cute. I swear he looks just like my Dominic. Sigh.

  2. Yes, why are they dressing him in pink?? Helloo?!?!

    He is so cute. I wish we could have him.

  3. Becky, they take donations and dress them in whatever. I remember Danya's son in Ethiopia was dressed in a bright pink Baby Gap outfit when they met him!