Friday, May 18, 2012

Here's your (fun and easy) assignment for Asa! Join me!

Step One: Find something to use as a loose change jar (I'm using a Tupperware container).

Step Two: Put a sticky or a label on the jar that says "For Asa".

Step Three: Find all the loose change you can over the next 14 days, and put the change in the container.

Step Four: Tell your family members to put their loose change there, too. (Kids especially love this!)

Step Five: If they balk, show them this picture of Asa:

Step Six: Go to this site and read all the details that Jennifer has posted about this 15-day (now 14-day) challenge.

Step Seven: On June 1, cash out your change jar and send the amount to Asa's fund, here.

Step Eight: Report back to Jennifer, here, and tell her how much you collected and donated!

So excited for you to join me! 


  1. I love your blog! And I'm going to borrow the 15-day challenge! :D

  2. Hey Leila, I'm way ahead of you! We had done the Rice Bowl for Lent and forgot to turn in our money to the Rice Bowl. I've been trying to figure out how to use the money for some other present since we didn't use it for the Rice Bowl, so maybe we can use it for Asa! Great idea!

  3. Sorry, I meant "for some other charity". I was talking to my son about the birthday party he's going to tomorrow. :-)

  4. Becky, ha ha, that is awesome!!! We did the Rice Bowl too, and I love how heavy that thing gets! Yay for Asa!

  5. I'll bite. What's the Rice Bowl?

  6. Daneille, ha ha, well, during Lent I think it's Catholic Charities that hands out little cardboard boxes to assemble and you bring it home and put your change in during the Lenten season. Then at Easter, you (or the schoolkids, if it's a project) hand the money back to be given to the poor. :)