Thursday, May 24, 2012

How 'bout some GOOD orphan news??? :)

Honestly, I really do get that it's hard for most people to read about the orphans without getting depressed. So many folks do not want to become obsessed with poor babies whom they cannot reach out and save. It's overwhelming and I understand that. I think that is why lots of readers of the Bubble carefully avoid this second blog.

I don't blame you all. I understand that one must protect one's own heart and sanity. I don't expect that everyone can be a part of this on a regular basis.

But, I'd like to give you some good news, and then please hear me out at the end.

When Carla first started her adoption of Henry, and when she later advocated for dear Malcolm, a bunch of us jumped on board. We slowly realized what was going on out there, and we found Reece's Rainbow's pages of orphans. It was the beginning of a fruitful Lent, advocating for these special needs orphans. Later, I started this blog, because I knew I had to help save as many of these little loves as possible. I knew that Christ was asking me to do something.

Everyone can do something. You may think you can't, but even the littlest "something" can save a child.

Here's one example of how beautifully this can work:

One of the readers of the Little Catholic Bubble fell hard for the orphans. DD, of A Woman's Catholic Journey, acted on that love by simply posting some links periodically on her facebook. She talked up the orphans, advocated, got the word out.

A few weeks ago, she informed me that a coworker had looked at Reece's Rainbow because of those facebook links. That coworker and her husband are now in the process of adopting Tatiana, a little girl who dreamed that a family would one day come for her and sobbed when, time and time again, she was not the one chosen.

How different this little girl's world looks now! Tatiana has a mother, father, sister, and brother (and two labs!) waiting to welcome her home.

Tatiana is going home to Ohio!

All because someone took a moment to put a link on facebook.

Truly, that is all it takes for these orphans to be seen, and to find their happy endings.

Please, I don't expect folks to spend hours a day obsessing over the RR orphans like I do; I truly get that that is not going to be everyone's passion. But if every reader of this post would link at least one RR child's profile to their facebook or blog, or tweet just one time about a particular child who needs a home, the results will be life changing for many children who are now lost. I've seen it first hand, more than once now.

Please consider the occasional link, even if it's just a commitment to link a child's profile once or twice a month. It could change someone's world.


PS: Some people are skeptical when they first learn of Reece's Rainbow. I always tell them to watch the Diane Sawyer ABCNews piece, here. They realize then that it's legit.

PPS: I forgot that there is even MORE good news! Remember the kids in Region 15? There is official word now that an adoptive family may have up to seven children in the household (including the adopted child or children), which opens up the pool of potential families considerably! It used to be that only smaller families were eligible to adopt in that region. Praise God for the change!

PPPS: Look at what my jar for Asa looks like this morning!

My son put some paper money in there, too!
What does yours look like? It's not too late to start! We count our change on June 1. Click the image for more details!



  1. Awesome news! I have to admit, I stop short of posting about RR on fb because I get so worried I will annoy someone (which is interesting because it never bothers me when others post about it). But lately I've gotten all these signs that have made me think about exactly what you are saying here. Get the word put more and it could result in a child finding a family. So thank you. I'm going to try to be better about it :)

  2. AYWH, you are awesome, and I know you are doing good things (being a Guardian Angel, for one!!). Remember, if you only post an orphan link even once a week or once a month on facebook, you are still going to catch someone's eye or heart. So, no need to overdo it. Subtlety is good! ha ha!

  3. Thank you for your post, Leila. I truly learned something from this experience. I am not in a position to adopt and financially unable to contribute much, but just by that post, Tatiana will be coming home to Ohio soon. And I will get to meet her! And all I did was post the RR link every now and then.

    God works in wonderful ways and EVERY ONE OF US COUNTS.


  4. How can u be a guardian angel? Email me.

  5. It took me awhile to get on board, I admit. But I am hooked now. I think the main difference I've noticed personally is that I think about the orphans so often now, and then turn my thoughts to prayers for them. And while I want to do more, I know that they need the prayers and I'm happy and priviledged to do that much. My next step is to be a guardian angel. Gotta do that.

  6. Leila, thanks for this blog! I have a heart for orphans and have been dying to adopt (specifically from Ethiopia) for years now. We have been blessed with many biological children, and at least for now, adoption is impossible :/ It makes me so happy that I could make a difference and donate a bit here and there. I would also like to know what a Guardian Angel is all about. Could you give us some info?

  7. Theresa, you sound wonderful! I pray that some lucky child gets to make a home with your someday. :) Here is the link to some info about Guardian Angels:

    God bless and thanks for supporting the orphans!! :)