Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I can't believe it! *UPDATE!!!

**UPDATE! Make that six orphans! Masha just found her family!

Five orphans that were up on my tabs at the top of this blog have been moved to the "My Family Found Me" page in the past few days! Nadine is the latest, tonight! It's crazy!

I am replacing their names with new children who need homes. The latest one is Hayley.

C'mon Hayley's family! I know you are out there!

And if you are in the mood for a HUGE giveaway, with many thousands of dollars worth of prizes, you will certainly want to check this one out:

The prizes are so good that they've raised almost $5,000 in the first day!

Harper is a doll, but she is a very sick little girl and needs to get home soon. Looks like a lot of folks are making that happen, praise God.


Also, if you can afford $1 a week, you can join the "$1 a week for…" event on facebook. One orphan is chosen to get the donations of all those who join the page. If you can afford what amounts to just about $4 a month, then all of our money pooled together can make a huge difference in the grant of one RR orphan.

Okay, are we up to date? I think so…. See you next time!



  1. how do I get in on the dollar a week if not on Facebook?

  2. Thank YOU, Ironic Catholic!

    Sew, I can let you know where to donate, and then you don't have to be on Facebook to do it! :)

    Also, Masha has a family now! Another orphan who has been removed from my tabs!!!

  3. Wait, is it $4/month or $4/week? I'll admit, I've been bad this week and haven't looked into anything people have sent me and haven't even looked at the invite yet (sorry!!). In my defense, I'm still recovering from a whirlwind week with out-of-town guests! haha

  4. Six orphans, that makes my day! Seriously, so happy to hear this!

    If you could let me know too, Leila, how I can donate, I would appreciate that, as I closed my FB account.

    Thanks for helping out my SIL's giveaway--that was a pleasant surprise!

  5. AHHHHH!!!! i'm so happy for MASHA!!!!!!!!! I WISH SHE WERE MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. This is so exciting!!!! Awesome!

  7. Heidi, I should have a brain transplant. I make too many mistakes lately!! UGH! Thank you for the correction, and I have corrected the post to read $4 a month. Sorry!

    Becky, I will let you and Sew know whose fund to donate to once they narrow it down to one child, and it will be just like you are part of the group! The main thing is just to get the fund numbers UP. THANK YOU!!

  8. http://reecesrainbow.org/32915/andrew-3

    Okay, Andrew has been chosen for the $1 a week donation! So, if you go to his page (above), you can donate! You can either do the whole $52 at once, or break it up. You can mail checks in (with his specific number/name/dob) if you'd prefer. I think I might do the whole thing at once, to make it easy on everyone, ha ha!!