Saturday, May 26, 2012

I feel like I know Chad. Please read his story. *UPDATE

I recently read something on Daneille's blog, The Wonder of Boys, that stopped me cold. It was the story of Chad, who could be any average American teen boy, even like my own. But, sadly, he doesn't live in America, and so his case is perilous and urgent. He has ties to America, though, and he would give just about anything to be able to come back permanently. I will let Daneille tell the story...

[The third and fourth pictures just kill me.]


I'd like to introduce you to Chad. Chad turned 15 years old in April. He is very close to aging out of the system. If you don't know what that means, here it is: When Chad turns 16, he will be turned out of the orphanage (in Eastern Europe) and will be on his own. Sixteen-year-old boys should not be on their own. They still needs their moms, and Chad is no exception. Through an unhappy act of fate, Chad wound up in an orphanage, but he should not be there. He should be in the arms of a loving family. For Chad, time is running out.

Chad has been hosted in the United States twice by families who have adopted children from the country Chad is from. Both families loved Chad and speak very highly of him, but neither family was in the position to adopt again. Chad has watched as his friends at the orphanage have been found by their forever families. Chad still waits, and time is running out.

Chad is a healthy child with no physical or mental delays. He is a quiet, kind, and helpful boy. Chad likes to ice skate and play basketball. He is a good runner. He would do very well on a high school sports team! (My own child, adopted at age 11, has played for the varsity soccer team! These kids thrive in families!) 

Chad does ok in school, but his teachers report that he prefers sports to studying. (Hmmm, that sounds very normal!) He knows a few words of English but is shy to attempt speaking them. Friends he knows from his country whom he met again while being hosted highly recommended Chad for adoptive placement; these children, who have been through what Chad has been through, feel that Chad would do very well in an adoptive family.

Chad desperately wants to be adopted. He knows his time is running out. He asks for a mother to come for him, as mothers have come for his friends. Chad was affectionate with his host mothers and enjoyed giving and receiving hugs. He was friendly with other children, interacting not only with the children his age but also with younger children.

Chad has good communication skills, and it is reported that he "seems like such a normal boy." Chad wants to come home to a family just as his friends in the orphanage have. Unfortunately for Chad, he has only about nine months before his chances for a loving family are gone forever.

Chad lives in a country with adoption fees of $20-25,000. The adoption process can be completed in 6-12 months. It is possible for Chad to be adopted after he turns 16 as long his his immigration has already been approved. To make sure that things work out, it is important to have a dossier ready by January of 2013. A family interested in Chad would need to move quickly!

The host program facilitator in Chad's country knows Chad well, and he and the host families would be willing to talk to any family interested in adopting Chad. It is possible that an interested family could Skype with Chad, email him, or speak to him via cell phone.

Please share Chad's information with everyone you can! This boy is depending on us to help him find a family! Fifteen may seem old, but think back to when you were 15. Think back to how much you still needed the love and security of your family. Think back to how much you have relied on your family as you have grown to adulthood; your family is with whom you have celebrated your successes and found comfort in times of distress. Your family are the people you love the most. Chad deserves the love of a family. He deserves a better life than being a throw-away child dismissed from an orphanage. Chad has been hosted in America twice; he knows what his potential is. Please help him achieve it!

Any family interested in Chad is welcome to contact me (please click here to reach my blog), and I can give you the contact information of the facilitator in Chad's country as well as that of people who know him. You can click the Email Me button on the right sidebar of my blog, or you can leave a comment for me. Please help me move Chad to the left sidebar of my blog, where I can caption his photo "Chad - Found"! 

Chad is running out of time! Please help him!


Thank you, Daneille! I'm praying someone reading this will see their son in Chad, or at least spread the word to others.

*UPDATE: Chad does not have HIV or any other medical special needs as far as I know. And, he has seen three of his orphanage buddies leave for the United States in the past month, to join their forever families. He still waits. 


  1. I will be praying tonight for Chad to find his mom and dad!!! They've got to be out there!

  2. Oh he would make such a great big brother to Mikey. Praying for Chad.

  3. Oh he would make such a great big brother to Mikey. Praying for Chad.

  4. Oh for a bigger house! He would fit right in the middle of the sixteen and 14 year olds!

  5. Why isn't he listed with RR? And what county is he from, or at least what language does he speak?

    1. He has no special needs, and RR is a for kids with special needs. He is from U, and speaks R…. (email me if you need more….)