Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just got word...

… that Kody's file is soon to go back, meaning that RR will not be able to list him anymore! Sometimes, a child's file is only allowed to be shown for a limited amount of time before it's pulled by the home country or the orphanage.

Please, if this precious boy does not find a family to commit to him soon, there will not be another chance.

Please don't let that happen to this happy, loving boy. He is available to large families or small, to older parents or young, and to single moms as well as married couples.

Please, paste his page or this blog link to your facebooks and blogs, and get this boy some exposure! I promise you, that is what works. Exposure, exposure, exposure! I've seen it happen time and again. In this case, time is of the essence. Thank you!



  1. I updated my post about Kody to reflect the precarious timeline ...

  2. Wow.. the details of his birth are eerily similar to Clara's. A reminder of how differently it could have turned out for her if she was born in a different country. It's frightening to think about, and I wish I could take sweet Kody home too. I'll be praying for him.