Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kurt: A love story

I am so pleased to run this guest post today, from my dear friend Mary Ann, whose heart is as big as the universe, and who has fallen in love with a little man named Kurt.


I'm a collector of kids. I have my own amazing minions, as well as a slew of their friends that call me mom. Most of my collection are boys, but I'm sure more girls will be added as The Princess gets older. When I was young I imagined I would have twice the number of children I do. But now I have all these extras to love & play with & I don't have to be responsible for their homework...boy howdy is that a plus.

Leila introduced me to Reece's Rainbow and all the precious orphans that so desperately need families.  I can't allow myself too much time on the site because I want to bring them all home...especially the boys.  Then came Kurt. I fell into his big, brown eyes and wasn't able to surface. I want to kiss those cheeks and get him to smile. If my life were different I would snatch him up so fast, but it isn't. His cerebral palsy is mild and he only had $10 in his fund*! So now I'm Kurt's guardian angel. I'm committed to praying for him and helping him find his family. The kids are praying for their "little brother". I know his mama is out there, she just needs to see him!

*Today it stands at $28. Let's get his funding up, but more importantly, please show his photo to your family and friends. That's how we find homes for these beautiful children.



  1. THat child is beautiful...............Leila, I want to kindly cuss you out every time I come here...There I said it. :)

  2. Isn't he gorgeous? DH could have a little guy to go golfing with!! Tell him!!

  3. There are so many out there that need our help it's almost overwhelming. If anyone is interested, I invite them to come and read about another amazing woman who is in the process of reuniting two little girl and make them sisters...and if that's not enough, there's an IPad involved!

  4. Yay! Kurt! This little guy has my heart as well. Praying a family comes for him soon, he deserves a loving home, just as every other child does :)