Monday, May 7, 2012

Larisa is 13, HIV-postive, and absolutely lovely. Plus a happy video to make you teary.

I hadn't seen Larisa on RR until I got an email from Mary, a wonderful Catholic woman who blogs at St. Henry II. Mary is Larisa's new Guardian Angel, and she is trying to make something wonderful happen.

Mary is putting up $1,500 of her own money toward matching grants for Larisa. That's a lot of money, folks! Surely we can pitch in $5 or $10 (skipping that latte just once or twice this month), knowing that every single dollar we donate will automatically be doubled by Mary. 

Larisa only has $200 now. If this matching grant is a success, she will be well above the amount needed to get her to the more visible "Moving Mountains" page, where she will be  in a better position for her family to find her.

Learn more, here: Matching donations for Larisa!

And donate to her fund on her RR profile page, here.

By May 31, Mary will look at the total and match every dollar gained in the month of May (a month dedicated to Our Lady, Mary's namesake).

If you want to know more about adopting a child with HIV, or are curious about their potential, then please go to Project Hopeful for tons of info.

But no matter what you do, don't miss this incredible video of a teen, Selah, living with HIV. She is fourteen -- just a year older than Larisa. Selah was adopted by an American family as a little girl and now thrives. I think she is captivating! I couldn't stop looking at her healthy, shining face, and marveling at how peaceful and joyful and faith-filled she is! Watch and see what I mean (and perhaps have some Kleenex handy if you are the crying type):

And for the sake of Larisa, who is still desperate for a family of her own, please donate even $5 or $10 to her fund, to be matched dollar for dollar.

If you cannot donate right now, please would you consider posting this link on your facebook or blog?

God bless you! You are a generous bunch!!



  1. I remember reading this story. Amazing. She is a beautiful, inside and out! I have a special place in my heart for the ones with HIV. They are always the ones I seem to be falling in love with :)

  2. Thank you so much!!!