Sunday, May 13, 2012

Nobody talks about Vlad

And that is why I have him on my tabs, and it's why I'm posting about him here.

Vlad speaks good English and is always optimistic. He is obedient and polite.

And he dreams about obtaining a family.

Take a look at Vlad; he probably knew that his picture was being taken in the hopes that a mama and papa might find him.

God bless Vlad, and let's work to find this forgotten child a home.



  1. I wish more people would see the beauty in older children instead of the baggage! May God send Vlad his parents!

  2. No atheist visit this blog?

  3. It says to find out more about adopting an orphan with AIDS/HIV to visit that website (projecthopeful), but I feel like that doesn't have much information about the realities involved with an HIV adoption (ie. what sort of care/concerns are involved).

    I honestly have no idea if one day in the future that could be something we're called to (not now with 2 year old preemie quadruplets with their own long list of therapists in/out of the house everyday), but I would be interested in reading more about it. HIV doesn't scare me, but I would still like to know more about how to handle the medical aspects. Any advice on where to do some reading?

  4. Hi Sonja! You sound amazing! Try this link, which seems to have a lot of resources:

    If that's not enough, let me know and I will find real live people in the know for you to get in touch with. :)

  5. Amazing is NOT the right word, not even remotely close. I would say that about you though!

    Thanks for the info. I follow the blog "The Blessing of Verity" (somehow I found it through your blog or another about RR) ... imagine my shock when I opened the Philadelphia Inquirer on Sunday to see her on the front cover with her sweet 10 year old daughter, Katie (adopted from Pleven at just 11 pounds). Amazing story. Turns out our quads' PT knows the nurse who flew with her. I am emailing her the link to your blog. Small world.