Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oliver, Oliver, Oliver, Oliver, Oliver, Oliver.

Oliver's eyes have haunted me for months. He looks like he could be one of my own children. I love him. 

Sweet Oliver, age 5

On February 29, 2012, he had exactly $13.00 in his account. No one knew him. No one cared, it seemed. He drew me in and I loved him. I convinced my dear husband to begin Lent with some almsgiving. I asked him for a big amount (sacrificial, even) to offer as a matching grant so that our friends and family members -- anyone, really -- could be moved to throw some money in his account, knowing it would be doubled by us. We didn't usually do stuff like this. I sent out mass emails with a heartfelt appeal, and people responded (I'll never know who, as they deposited their donations directly to Oliver's account via PayPal). I appealed through my facebook as well. 

By Easter, with the addition of our matching grant, his fund had grown to $3,427.30*. I rejoiced when Oliver was moved to the Moving Mountains page, and now receives more exposure. Today his fund stands at $3,500.80 and he has a Guardian Angel.

I am still haunted by his eyes, and I still am praying like mad that this boy finds a home. That someone will pick him up from that damned crib, put him in a wheelchair and take him outside. I pray that someone will hug him and kiss his sweet face and tell him that he is dearly loved. 

Will you pray with me, for Oliver? And spread the word? I won't rest until I see him home in his mama's arms. 

*My only blog at that time was Little Catholic Bubble, which has a good readership; however, I did not put my appeal for Oliver on the blog, so all the funds raised came simply from our email and facebook appeals! My husband and I plan to do a similar almsgiving campaign every year, for the orphans. I hope you'll follow by advocating for your own orphan on RR in this same way. It's easy and fruitful.



  1. Yes, I'll definitely pray for him with you!

  2. o.m.gosh. Leila, he does look like he could be your baby......Praying!