Monday, May 21, 2012

Princess Ashlyn and the kids of Region 15

My dear friends Charles and Eli are adopting "Malcolm" (Marat) from Region 15. Precious Ashlyn is from Region 15 as well. Can you resist her? 

Girl, born November 2009
Blue Eyes
Nature calm
Medical information:  Down syndrome; heart defect:  atelocardia and mitral insufficiency (valve leak);  astigmatism;  dacryostenosis (blocked tear duct); atopic bronchial asthma; Dermatitis
What a pretty little dolly!  Ashlyn has developed very well for her age; she is walking, talking and even singing (!). She loves music very much.  She has very soft and kind personality; she is very smiley and likes to show her kindness by hugging and kissing.
Several darling photos available, single moms welcome!
$1356.50 is available towards the cost of my adoption!


More precious children from Region 15, here. Check them out, and as always, spread the word!!


  1. Oh, dear Lord. Can someone please pose as me for the three plane trips and being her home to me? Ahh, I want her! If our circumstances were different (as in, much more than my fear of flying), I'd be texting her picture to my husband right now.

    1. Xanax helps that fear of flying real well. I'm reposting since Leila deleted my comment. RUDE! <3

  2. My sister's name is Ashlyn! It's Gaelic for "dream" or "vision." It's the Anglicized version of Aislinn/Aisling. :)