Tuesday, May 29, 2012

**WONDERFUL UPDATE!!!! URGENT: Gabby's file only available until June 10!

**UPDATE May 30: Gabby found a family!!!! Praise God!!!!

Please meet Gabby:

Gabby resides in the "bad place". If you don't know or remember what the "bad place" is, go here:

My understanding is that Gabby's file is only available to Reece's Rainbow until June 10. If she hasn't found a family to commit to her by then, she may have lost her best chance to escape the horror that has been her life up until this point. So many of the children there have found families to rescue them. I pray that Gabby won't run out of time to find hers.


And a reminder: Only TWO more days remain for the matching grant offer for Larisa! One generous donor has offered a $1500 matching grant to help give this child a chance at a family. The response so far has been slow, as only $143 has come in (she started at $200). Please, any amount will help!