Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Video saved Malcolm. Will video save Aiden?

I dare you to watch this video of this darling, joyful, abandoned boy and not cry. I double dare you. Go ahead:

Could Aiden be your son? Could you make the sacrifices necessary to go and get him? Do you know someone else who could, and who needs to see this? Can you claim this boy for yourself or send this link to someone who will?

God bless you.


And, a wonderful update from Megan regarding Simeon's fundraiser: "Total, we brought in $614 for his grant! Plus, Debbie at The Cherished Bead is going to continue to sell Simeon's necklace for $10, with 100% going to his fund. It will just be part of her store now."




  1. I never want to come to this blog. But I make myself come here every time you post.

    I want him.

  2. I hear ya, Sew. I don't want this blog at all… I wish it never had to exist. :(

    Hey, you are doing an amazing thing for those babies by having this blog on your blog roll! Many of your readers come here. And that helps with the mission: Exposure, exposure, exposure.

  3. The videos and pictures are from my mission trip last fall, I spent a decent amount of time with Aiden and would gladly answer any questions anyone has!!! :D PLEASE someone go get him!!

  4. Natalie, THANK YOU! Your video and pictures may very well be the thing that gets him saved….