Thursday, May 10, 2012

We CAN get Sheridan out of the mental institution. Please read!

The dreaded words on an orphan's profile: "Already transferred."

It means that a small special needs child, barely out of toddlerhood, has been sent from the "baby house" to a mental institution to live out the rest of his days. I'm not even going to discuss the bleak existence that becomes reality for these children once they are transferred. You can look back at this post if you want some idea.

Sometimes, there is still hope for these children to be adopted. In the case of Sheridan, a little boy who has already been transferred, there is now great hope. Real hope. A lovely family that I know about is in the process of adopting a little girl; they recently inquired about other orphans in the area, hoping they might bring home two children instead of one. A little boy with Down Syndrome, Sheridan, was one of the children presented to them as being nearby.

This wonderful family wants to commit to Sheridan, now. But they are understandably wary of doing so unless they have a reasonable assurance that the new expenses will be covered. They have already adopted one baby from Eastern Europe (about 18 months ago), and they have not yet fully financed the pending adoption. To add Sheridan on this upcoming trip, they will not have to start from scratch (which would be hugely expensive), but they will have to find an additional $7000 to bring him home, too. $4000 is for the orphanage fees (Sheridan is near their other child's orphanage, but not in the same facility, unfortunately), and $3000 is for the cost of Sheridan's medical exams, visa and plane ticket.

I promised the family that I would do what I could to help them save Sheridan. I told them I would put the word out and pray that people would respond by filling Sheridan's grant with donations. If and when there is a reasonable amount and it becomes possible to finance Sheridan's adoption in addition to the current one, they will officially commit to Sheridan and get him out of the institution!!

No one I know has really seen or heard of Sheridan. He hasn't been on anyone's radar screen, so this really would save his life. And, there are other children at Sheridan's orphanage who will be able to get their photos and videos taken by the family, to increase their visibility and chance for a family as well. So much good can come out of this effort to get Sheridan's grant up to the "feasibility" level!

Some, like this amazing family, are called to go out on that limb and adopt these children into their homes. They are willing to do the "hard work" of getting mounds of paperwork completed, being scrutinized, risking heartache, flying overseas to a strange land for an uncertain amount of days, opening their hearts to a lifetime of caring for the medical and emotional needs of these children. Others, like me and maybe you, are called to assist these heroes, with fundraising, advocacy and donations.

If you are in the latter group, please, can you help by donating here? You will be part of a miracle for Sheridan. He may not get a second chance if this doesn't work. I don't mean to be dramatic, but those are the facts.

Please, spread the word, via facebook, blogs, email, or any way you can. One minute of your time, one click, could make all the difference in the world for Sheridan.

Let's save him. It's within our power to do so!


  1. Donated. :) One thought-the sooner they can commit to him, the sooner 100% of the donations will go to him/that family. Right now, 90% goes to him, 10% to Voice of Hope.

  2. What this family is attempting to do is very cool and very brave. I would love to be in the same position to be able to say, who is close by and can I take them too. Go Sheridan's new family!

  3. Praying for the family and Sheridan!

  4. God immediately put it on my heart to donate. Thank you for sharing this! I also love the point that teamstout is making!

  5. Will donate. Let's bring this boy home.

  6. Thank you all so much!! And I agree, it will be even better when Sheridan moves to the Family Sponsorship Page. I hope that can happen!

  7. Leila, please post about him soon so I don't forget! My credit card was stolen and we had to deactivate. :( Need credit card to arrive STAT! Must get pay pal busy!

  8. Hi,

    I just donated for Sheridan. It would be great for Sheridan to be an example for others that the older boys need mamas too!

    There is a fundraiser going on now for Shaun and top prize is a $250 contribution to the waiting child fund of the winner's choice. The prize was contingent on Shaun's fund reaching $3,000, which it has. How neat would it be if your readers' entered and Sheridan was the recipient!

  9. Ce Ce, that is awesome! Thanks for that information!! And, thanks for donating!