Friday, June 1, 2012

Here we go...

It's finally here, and bidding has started with a vengeance (have you seen the knitted Yoda hat??)! We've been talking up the Bidding Malcolm Home silent auction for weeks, and now it begins!

Click here and see all the wonderful, quality items you can bid on:

Click through the photo album on the page and you'll see all the offerings! I put in a couple of items myself, and I also plan to bid on a few!

I love all the items, but regarding the Seraphym rosary… oh my gosh. You guys, I have seen this rosary in person. It is about a hundred times more beautiful than the picture shows. Also, it is made by the same woman who made one of Mother Angelica's rosaries. Truly a classic.

The auction runs for two days, so get started! The bidding is already frenzied, and I've barely awakened!

PS: I'll be counting my loose change today, that we've collected for Asa! How about you?



  1. I was just thinking about that (the change for Asa). Where is that blog again where donate the change to?


    Becky, there is the link! I am just going to count up the change and send that amount to Asa's RR fund. I will just deposit the actual coins in my bank account. :)