Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hey, guys! For those of you with a heart for the older orphans...

… you will love where this story is going! Be sure to read to the end!

You all know that I've been advocating for Sylvia to "reunite two angels".

Meet Gabby, the little girl that Sylvia and her husband adopted a year and a half ago:

This sweet angel used to live in an Eastern European orphanage!

And, meet Ava, who was Gabby's cribmate, and who is still in that same orphanage. She is soon to be Gabby's real life sister:

Pretty Ava will soon be an orphan no more!

You may have read previously that Sylvia has initiated another fundraiser, an iPad giveaway (or $500 cash) and other great prizes as well. There is more excitement this time around, as the family is trying to raise enough funds to cover the facilitation costs of bringing home yet another orphan on the same trip! An older orphan, one who has already been sent to the mental institution and is all but forgotten.

Well, something amazing happened after a reader saw that post. A woman who wishes to remain anonymous, and whom neither Sylvia nor I had ever "met", sent Sylvia an email:

"I am so impressed by you and your family that I will commit to add an additional $1,000 to your fund if you can raise the $2,500 you are seeking through your fundraiser by July 31 and you commit to an older child (any child age 5+ on RR). If for some reason I make the donation and your older child adoption falls through (I know things happen beyond your control), I would just respectfully ask that you pay that donation forward to another family that is adopting a child age 5 or older."

What a blessing from Heaven! Suddenly, what had been a mere hope of saving an older orphan has become a very real possibility! An older, desperate child may actually soon join this beautiful family, along with Ava:

Room for two more!

Our job is to help Sylvia raise that $2,500 that she needs, so that this wonderful donor will add $1,000 more. The donor, like so many of you, has a heart for those older, nearly forgotten children -- the ones who have almost no hope of finding a family -- and she is doing something about it.

Please, if you can, donate to the family's fund, or share the link (facebook it, tweet it, blog it, email it). Together we can save an older child!

Please click this link for all the details:

And, as soon as Sylvia and her husband know that they can commit, I will be among the first to joyfully reveal which older orphan will be going home to beautiful Tennessee!

Gabby says, "Thank you for helping bring home my sister Ava AND a second sibling, too!"




  1. I am crying! Seriously! Thank you for telling our story so simple, sweet, and beautiful! You can't imagine how thankful I am for your help and all the help we have received as well as the knowledge of knowing there is a community of people who want let these children be TOTALLY forgotten!

  2. Hi There -
    Just wanted to say I think what you are doing with this blog is phenomenal! My husband and I just started the process of adopting two HIV+ girls from Ukraine, and it was RR that inspired us to consider a special needs child. We are so excited to get our girls home and overwhelmed by the paperwork and cost, but we know we will make it happen. Thanks for being an advocate for all these wonderful kids!

  3. Done! Now I have to get ready for the hospital bills I'm about to occur!!! LOL Help I can't stop hitting the pay pal button! LOL

  4. This is awesome! Will definitely donate.