Friday, June 29, 2012

Introducing the darling children of Orphanage 9!

The children of Orphanage 9 are so precious! There is a blog blitz today to give these kids a bit of exposure, as they are all so deserving of a real family! Two of them, Camille and Tina, are up there on my tabs.

Please click on the photos or the names of the children for more information.

Let me introduce you to...

Needs a mama soon to nurse her to full health!

He's a good boy who helps with the little ones!

Facing transfer very soon. Rescue her!

Sweet pea needs a family, ASAP!

CP does not have to hold her back! She will thrive in a family!

This precious girl deserves long hair and mama's kisses!

"He is truly a little man of character!"
A little more about Steven, from one of the adoptive moms who met him this week:
This little man will make any Mama weak in the knees! He has won my heart and I hope he will win yours too! Oh how I adore him! I cannot say enough wonderful things about this young man. He truly is a little man of character. He has the eyes and heart of a true man after Gods heart. He sees the needs of others before his own and is quick to help when others are per-occupied with their own desires. We walked past a swing that was swinging when he was holding my hand, he knew there were other little ones behind us and he stopped the swing so it didn’t hit the others. We go to his childrens home early in the morning so I bring my coffee. Gotta have my coffee! The kids light up when they see coffee! LOL! Anyhow my coffee cup was empty but the little ones in his group saw my coffee cup and started moving towards it and he ran to my cup first and gave it to me in order to make sure they did not get it when he saw they spotted the cup. Taylor lost her hair ribbon on two occasions and he ran and brought her bow back to her while the others stepped on it. He wants a Mama and Papa so badly. He calls Joe and I Mama and Papa and he lights up when he sees us with a big grin and wave and so longs for me to hug him. He will be a Mama’s boy! He has the most precious smile and adorable giggle and shows clearly that he can attach. It is clear by his actions he so longs to be loved and have a family of his own and he will love back with everything he is. His heart is on his sleeve to serve others. Oh how he deserves the love of a father and mother!
He plays well with the kids and if there is a fight over a toy he mutters a few words looking very sad and backs away and does not battle for it. He loves my teenage son and shows no issues of not being able to function in a family environment. If he is doing something the teachers are concerned he will get hurt doing he will listen when they talk to him. He is a very good listener and responds without complaint. 
The school staff stated that he is a good boy and does not cause issues. He is a joy and a love and I so want to see him in a family where he can flourish and grow! He so deserves it with his amazing servants heart. Wise beyond his years!

Seven precious children of God, seven beautiful souls who are deserving of a family to call their own. Please consider one of the children of Orphanage 9! I can put you in contact with the mother, above, who has gotten to know the children and the staff.

Pray that their moms or dads will see them today and fall completely in love. Share this link with others. It's the best way to help save these little ones.



  1. Oh Steven, sweet Steven! I love him so much, and I'm praying so hard he'll find a family.