Friday, June 15, 2012

It happened again!!

Two orders of business...

First, it's like déjà vu!

Yet another orphan from the tabs at the top of this blog has found a family! That makes ten! Dear, sweet Declan is going to be adopted by a wonderful mommy and daddy, and he has been happily kicked off my tabs just as Laurel, Justin, Lizzy, Natalie, Nadine, Masha, Felicia, Delilah, and Stefan before him!

Mom and Dad are coming, Declan!

I need a mama!

To replace Declan on the tabs, I have chosen a child who just pulverizes my heart every time I look at him or think of him. Precious Aiden, who is blind and is always left in a crib:

Precious boy!

From a volunteer who spent several months at the orphanage: 
When I first met Aiden he was able to walk around the edges of the crib holding on to the sides, but he would not walk independently, even while holding on to someone's hands. As I worked with him however and he grew to trust me he began to take his first steps and now he loves to walk! Still, at least while I was there, the workers never let him out of his playpen."
Can you imagine how well Aiden would do in a real family, with proper medical care, love and attention? This little one is precious! Please don't forget him!

Click his pictures for more information, and spread the word!


Second order of business:

I got a wonderful note from a blogger named Jennie who said this:

"I'm doing a giveaway on my blog for Stella. Would you mind posting it on this blog? Thank you! People don't even have to donate money to enter, if they just write a blog post or FB post then they're entered to win a $100 JCrew gift card." 

You all remember Stella, don't you? This beauty:

Stella baby!
Just go to Jennie's blog and learn how to enter the giveaway:

Let's find this girl a home!



  1. Yay for my Declan!!!

    And thank you for posting about Stella! Let's find Stella's Mama!

  2. Wow, that's wonderful! It must feel so good to see a child leave your tabs! I'm glad you have this blog!