Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Magic tabs strike again! Who was it this time??

I am thrilled to announce that TWO more children on my tabs have found families!

First, sweet Emilio is going to have a family! Hooray! I love that little cutie.

And, just today, we all saw that our beloved Simeon has also found a family!

May God bless them both, and may we now find families for the sweet boys, below, who will replace them on my tabs.

First, there is Grant, who has Down Syndrome. This adorable boy is healthy, and he runs, jumps and plays happily like any seven-year-old should! But unfortunately, he has already been transferred to the institution. Save him, someone!

I'm Grant! Are you my mommy?

Then there is Jake! Sweet Jake had some birth trauma that has left him with special needs. He deserves a loving family to help him reach his potential! Look at this angel:

Waiting for my mom and dad to hug and squeeze me!

Okay, let's make these boys "ex-tabs" as well!

In other orphan news, beautiful Jack has lost two families who were committed or wanted to commit to him -- lost through no fault of either Jack or the families.

Still needs a family to come!

He is sooooo wanting to be a part of a family! My friend Daneille, at The Wonder of Boys, is running a fundraiser for Jack that ends on June 30! Please, consider throwing a couple of bucks his way, or at least go check it out. His case is desperate.

And, please don't forget the special news regarding the iPad giveaway for Ava and the older child they hope to commit to! I can't wait to announce who it is (neither can they!). Meanwhile, they are just $30 shy of reaching the first thousand dollars of their goal. Will you be that special person who gets them to $1,000? Go here to donate (or even just to share and get an entry!):

(I love the reason behind the potential name change, and you will, too!)

And a note: I have put an Amazon link at the bottom of this blog. If you do your Amazon shopping through this link, 100% of my commission goes to the orphans and the families bringing them home. It costs you nothing and the orphans get it all! :)



  1. Does Meg know Simeon found a family??? That is so wonderful!!!

  2. Oh no! I didn't know that Jack's new family can't commit! How did you find that out?

    1. On the RR facebook page. There is so much info there! His first family committed, then the mom had a heart attack. She's okay, but disqualified. And then someone else committed, but the mom became pregnant and was disqualified.

    2. Does getting pregnant "disqualify" you?!?

    3. Poor Jack! I wonder how he must feel.

    4. I know, the poor kid. What a love.

    5. Jennie, I think in his region it might. Or, maybe the parents were just too overwhelmed? Not totally sure.

  3. I order quite a few things from Amazon, so I'll be sure to use your link!


  4. I just saw that Jack was listed under My Family Found Me!!!!! Hooray!