Thursday, June 14, 2012

One more child leaves my tabs -- hooray!! And one more is added.

Stefan, who was on my original tabs at the top of this blog, has been moved to the "My Family Found Me" page! He has been adopted domestically, and will stay in his own home country!

Stefan has a family!!
Praise God for another "orphan no more"!

Nine children have (praise God!) been removed from the tabs above, and today I choose a new orphan to place on my tabs: sweet Holly, who has Down Syndrome:

Three-year-old Holly is outgoing and a giggler!

I have a dear friend who fell in love with Holly and wants nothing more than to adopt her; however, it's not possible at this time. In honor of my friend, I am placing Holly on my tabs, in hopes that her future parents happen upon her beautiful face and realize that they cannot live without her!

Holly has a sizeable grant (over $2500 to be used towards her adoption), and she is available to older parents and single moms. Please click the photo for more information on this precious girl.

And as always, spread the word! :)


And, only one more day to enter the iPad giveaway to reunite Gabby and Ava, two orphanage cribmates! Go here for the details!


  1. Hooray for Stefan!

    Oh, Holly, that face, those cheeks!

    I'm doing a giveaway on my blog for Stella. Would you mind posting it on this blog? Thank you! People don't even have to donate money to enter, if they just write a blog post or FB post then they're entered to win a $100 JCrew gift card.


    1. Jennie, I will definitely do that! I will try to get to it today. Or tomorrow at the latest. Thank you!!

  2. Oh holly! I want her! Look at those eyes! She is so beautiful!