Monday, June 11, 2012

Orphanage 42

Lynn Huggins Spivey, a warrior for the orphans and a soon-to-be adoptive mom, is celebrating a birthday today! To honor this wonderful lady's birthday wish, I want to share the children of Orphanage 42.

First, there is sweet Simeon, whom I've profiled before and who's set to be transferred to the institution:

A lonely, ignored boy with CP. Someone save beautiful Simeon!

Then there is smiley Presley:

A sweet, affectionate boy with leukemia who needs a family and treatment.

Also in 42 is sweet, frightened Haven:

A little girl who is scared of the world and needs a mama.

Then there is handsome Chase:

Chase needs a family to bring him out of his shell.

Next is Ivan, who is a staff favorite:

This photo does now show that he can sit up and will do well with therapy!

And finally, sweet Darina, who has CP:

She faces transfer soon, and desperately needs a home.

Please click their photos to find out more about them, and spread the word about these precious children in Orphanage 42!


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  1. God save them all! Their poor faces just cry out for rescue.