Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's finally public!

From a nightmare to a dream:

I know I beg a lot. But if you can throw a couple of dollars in his chip-in, on the right top of the blog, he will be coming home to this beautiful family that much sooner.

Beware, I have had many women tell me that they have cried many tears upon seeing pictures of his new home and family, and reading his mama's words.

Please pray that the process goes quickly, and that the funds come in.

Hang on sweet boy! Your wait for love and affection is almost over! Mama's coming!


Monday, July 30, 2012

Then I stumbled upon Taylor… plus some updates!

It's true, the kids with CP touch my heart.

I had never seen Taylor before the other day. Am I the only one who missed her? I don't know where she's been hiding, but it's time to get her into a family before her situation gets dire.

Imagine her with long flowing locks, with pretty bows and a big smile!


There are so many exciting things that I want to tell you about, but I can't just yet! Just be sure to stay tuned. Truly, I see God working in very precise, obvious ways these days. I love when He seems to be holding up neon signs for dummies like me, saying, "I've got this!"

All right, a couple of things happening that you will want to know about. First, the facebook auction for Yulia and Elaine that I was talking about is ready for preview! The actual bidding starts on Sunday, but we have had such a great response to the items that some folks have tried to bid early! Check out the items, here, with more being added daily:

I've donated a few items myself, and, I plan to bid on some (Star Wars cookies!!). Please "like" the auction so that your facebook friends can also be sucked in get excited and join in!

(We are still taking item donations, by the way.)


Also, Kara has been doing cartwheels since Nico got a donate button! She's begun a "Nickels for Nico" drive which you can check out by clicking here!! Totally painless!

Come and get me mama! Or at least save your nickels for me!

And finally, we have an updated picture of Asa! 

For so long, the only photo we've had is this:

But now we have this! A growing, beautiful boy:

Asa is only four years old, and still desperately needs a family before he is transferred to the mental institution. Remember, he is developing cognitively normally!

Blessings, and stay tuned….

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A thank you, and… someone irresistible!

First, thank you SO much for your response to this. And by the way, it's not too late to request a sneak peak! Just let me know. There's been more than one who's shed tears of joy at what was seen on that private blog.

Second, if you own an etsy shop, or if you have nice items at home that you no longer want and that are easily shipped, please think about donating to an online auction that Meg is whipping together for Ava and Elaine to come home. I've seen the items (even donated a few), and they are excellent!

(FYI: One of the items gets the RR orphan of your choice featured here on the Orphan Report and on my Little Catholic Bubble blog… which has a lot more readers! Anyone and everyone who bids $10 will win this opportunity, so there will be multiple winners. I'll let you know when the auction runs!)

Meantime, I have replaced Andrew's tab with a new child, who is absolutely beautiful, and in desperate need of a family!

It might be hard to resist him, so be prepared!


Meet Ivan, nearly five:

Eyes you could drown in.

Mama, please come!!

Ivan has cerebral palsy, and he faces the institution SOON. Please, please, spread the word. We can't let that happen. This child is worth fighting for!


Monday, July 23, 2012

OMG! The day I've been waiting for is HERE!!!

Finally!!! Andrew, my sweet blind Andrew stuck in a crib for five years, has found a family! I cannot tell you the joy and lightness in my heart right now!

And, I have a fun little secret, and a way to help his (currently anonymous) family get him home quickly. Please email me at littlecatholicbubble@gmail.com (or facebook message me) and, for a donation to Andrew's account in any amount, I will give you a sneak preview of what Andrew's new life is going to look like. He will be going from a nightmare to a little boy's dream.

Let me know if you want a sneak peak!!

Andrew, your mama is coming just as fast as she can!


Friday, July 20, 2012

How could I not respond?

A few days ago, a woman posted the following on the Reece's Rainbow official facebook page (I have omitted her name):

Im really getting discouraged. I have been praying for Iryna 8w for a year and a half....even before she was on RR...I have started a blog for her and tell EVERYONE I meet about her. Theres very little info about her and I have been unsuccessful trying to get more info on her. Her region will only give info to home study approved families. I feel like Im failing this little girl and I truely do love her. Im not sure what I expect any of you to do but I guess Im just venting....

Please click Iryna's picture for more information

I just had to put her sweet little face out there in case her future mama is reading. Or in case you know of anyone who might be willing to adopt this little girl. Here is another photo:

I need a family!

Also, little Pasha's family has begun their facebook auction for his benefit. I've already bid on about five items and the bidding wars are vicious! Check it out! The items are top quality (I'm a stickler for that):

And, if you are looking for the "big ticket items" to win in a giveaway, don't forget Sylvia's Baby Shower/Giveaway, where the prizes boggle the mind. The success of this giveaway will allow the family to be fully funded and able to bring home their two beautiful girls:

The Ultimate Giveaway/Baby Shower!!!

Finally, if you haven't gotten to know sweet Martin, who has been a bit overlooked, please check out the Kindle Fire/Visa gift card giveaway that his mama is sponsoring to get him home soon:

Martin has a family waiting! 

Thanks for your support, everyone! You have all been a great help to these children and families; I've seen first hand that it's making a difference.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

(*Updated*) SHOCK: Both my babies in the same place?????

**UPDATE: Twice in one day? Surreal. Another new photo of Oliver, in that horrible place.
Also, some details from another mom whose children were there, written several months ago. It is aptly titled, "Livid".


I am shocked. I had no idea that Andrew and Oliver were in the same orphanage. A complete hellhole. A place where the children are starved and neglected and abused. And available for adoption.

Please look at this:

Do you see the little boy with dwarfism, in the eleventh photo from the top? That is Oliver. He is the little boy that Dean and I raised money for in our Lenten almsgiving this year. He went from $13 in his grant to over $2500, enough to get him to the Moving Mountains page. He has even more money now. And he still waits, never moved from the crib, never loved. He is due to be transferred to the institution very soon, as he is about to turn five. However, I cannot imagine how the institution could be any more horrific than where he is now. 

And do you see the little boy in the stroller, a couple of pictures under Oliver's? The boy on the left, next to the smiley boy? That is Andrew, who has been featured on this blog so many times. The blind boy in the crib. You've seen the video of what he does all day, right?

He is likely starving and abused, like the rest of them. 

I am horrified. I am heartbroken. 

Let's get these babies out of their living nightmare and into loving families, with food, care, education, hugs and kisses, moms and dads. 

I just cannot believe that my two "favorites" are there in hell together.

Lord, have mercy.

Lord, forgive us.

Let's rally some troops, shine the light on this darkness, and bust them all out of there!!

Please, please, share this page. Twitter, facebook, email, blogs. God bless you for it!


Sunday, July 15, 2012

63 passed over. I'm gonna show you eleven of them...

{Note: I just realized that every one of the long-suffering children I am profiling today is a BOY. As a mom of six boys myself, that breaks my heart.}

There is a blog blitz happening today, with many bloggers calling attention to 63 beautiful children who have been waiting years and years for a family. These are the "forgotten" ones, even though many of them are familiar to those who follow Reece's Rainbow. Here are the eleven children out of the 63 that I am pleased to introduce to you. If you could, share them far and wide. They have been waiting far, far too long:

Mark, from Latin America (click on the photos of each child for more information):

I am almost six years old, and I am available to single moms!

Mark has a bright smile, he loves to play and he has a large adoption grant! He was on the  My Family Found Me page for a short time, but was soon relisted. :( I pray he will find his forever family soon.


Sheridan recently turned seven:

Don't let the picture fool you! He is not confined to a wheelchair.

This is one active little guy! Healthy and full of life! He needs to find a family so that he can run and jump and play like a little boy should. Other photos of Sheridan available.


Those eyes!!

This beautiful boy just turned eight, and is still without a family. He is available to single moms. He will thrive in a real home!


Soon he will be transferred out of the baby house with all those toys.

Tomas has a calm nature and is six years old. He needs the love of a mama. He can be adopted by single moms and older parents.


There are two Sashas that need to be seen:

The first Sasha:
Who can resist him?
According to his profile, he lost his family. He is in need of a new one, as he has already been transferred. Please consider giving Sasha a chance at a good life.


The second Sasha:

I'm with the "Lost Boys" now...

Tragically, we just learned that Sasha has been transferred to the "Lost Boys" institution where Porter is. Porter has a family coming for him, and I pray that Sasha can be so lucky.


Grant is on my tabs at the top of my blog:

Why yes, I AM adorable!!

Isn't he precious! I just want to squeeze him! Grant is healthy and active! Come and get him, Mom and Dad!


Ruslan! I just featured him in my last post:

Mr. Personality!

I think we can all see that this boy is a ray of sunshine. He has already been transferred, so it's imperative that he find a family soon.


Devon is a cutie, and he's been waiting soooo long:

I am available to older parents and single moms!

Significant risk if not adopted soon! Please consider bringing Devon into your family.


Alexei is raring to go!

I am ready to have fun!
Alexei is described as affectionate and lively. What a joy he would be for any mom and dad! So much potential there. 


Poor, sweet Kyle!

I've already been transferred. Please help!

Kyle seeks out physical contact and affection. Older parents, single moms, large families welcome! And, he has a sizeable grant. Please let's work to find a family to love him.


Thank you for taking the time to look in the faces of these children, and please consider sharing this with your friends and family. Remember, it only takes one person to see a child and change his future. 

Follow the blog blitz to see the rest of the 63 children who've been waiting for many years, by highlighting and then opening the links below. Remember that some of them may be posting later in the day, so keep checking back.
















Thursday, July 12, 2012

So, I won an iPad...

… and much to the dismay of my children, I turned it down, and took the cash instead. Then, because I am obsessed with these beautiful orphans, I gave most of it back to the families who are adopting.

However! That does not mean I don't want to win more! I think that whatever I win next (yes, I am optimistic now that I've had a taste of victory) I will actually keep. And, given that the odds are so good in these giveaways, I am determined to keep entering. The two most fantastic giveaways that I'm currently entering are these:

(Helping the Czerkes bring home Peter!)


(Helping the Middletons bring home Ava and Elaine, by giving away a brand new iPad, lots of cash, a flat screen TV and blu-ray disc player, a Nikon camera, an iPod Touch)

BOTH of these giveaways will serve to get each family fully funded! Please, at least click on them and check it out. No donation necessary to enter!


Now to Ruslan. This sweet boy has been listed on RR for years and years. No one has come for this happy, playful child, and as a result, he has been transferred to an adult mental institution, where he is not seeing the kind of colors and toys that he had when this picture was taken:

Over $7200 has already been raised for my adoption grant! And, I am not  in the most expensive part of Eastern Europe! Adoptions are cheaper and quicker where I am!

A mama cannot come quick enough for this adorable ray of sunshine called Ruslan!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Remember this post about Porter, the little boy who had been transferred from a lovely baby house to a horrific institution to become one of the "Lost Boys"? He now has a family coming for him! Praise God!

It seems a good time for me to remind everyone about one of the children whom I cannot shake: Nicholas, the boy who cries in his sleep. He has a sizeable grant of $5,577, and yet no one comes for him. I'm putting his picture out there one more time, on the chance that a family will see him and realize they cannot live without him as their son:

A mama could comfort me when I cry at night.


Monday, July 9, 2012

If you or someone you love is adopting from Eastern Europe...

...especially from a nation that we call "U", you simply must see this brief but amazing fundraiser. It's like no other, and the prize will be an amazing addition to a home that is expecting (or already has) a child from that nation:

An RR family who received one in a previous giveaway was blown away by the beauty of the painting!

The giveaway is only running for a week, so enter and/or share with EE adoptive families now! Here are a few of the original paintings (these are not prints!):

There are MORE to choose from! Go here to see the rest and enter!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

No mental delays...

This just kills me.

Asa is a precious four-year-old boy who is speaking and who is developing, cognitively, in a normal manner. His disabilities are physical, not mental, and he needs a home and proper medical care for his spina bifida. He could be a doctor, a professor, an engineer… but only if  someone adopts him and gets him out of that crib!

Gorgeous boy! Needs a family to find him! Click on his photo for more info.

Please consider sharing. If you know anyone who has a child with spina bifida (I personally know two), you understand how amazing these children are. Bright, eager, full of life! There really is no stopping them, given proper medical treatment.

Click here to find out more about sweet Asa.


PS: I am a few days late, but those of you who like to collect change for the orphans (a great family project by the way -- kids love to do this), please consider Jen's bottle challenge for 4-year-old Brett:

Essentially, you will be throwing your spare change (for the month of July) into a bottle, to be donated to Brett's fund at the end of the month. A painless way to make a difference!

Look at his sweet face:

Brett has CP, and is a bright, happy boy! With therapy, he will thrive!

Thanks so much for considering it! This boy deserves a family. :)


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Keeping Andrew out there...

While I am out of the blogging world for a little bit (though I will check in with this blog from time to time), I want to keep Andrew's plight in the spotlight.

You've seen him before, but he's on my heart daily, so I will continue to talk about him until a family finds him.


Andrew is blind. That's all. He is a little boy stuck in this crib, all day, every day, in an Eastern European orphanage with no family, because he is blind.

Please, spread the word, and let's find a family to adopt Andrew and get him out of this damn crib…. Watch below to see how he spends all of his time:

(Thankfully, large families and older parents are eligible to adopt Andrew -- as well as smaller families and younger parents, of course. Click on the image above to get  more information on Andrew.)

Sorry, but this makes me angry.


Please, share this link with others. His family has got to be out there somewhere! And we have many people ready to assist in any fundraising that may be needed to complete the adoption.

God bless you!