Sunday, July 15, 2012

63 passed over. I'm gonna show you eleven of them...

{Note: I just realized that every one of the long-suffering children I am profiling today is a BOY. As a mom of six boys myself, that breaks my heart.}

There is a blog blitz happening today, with many bloggers calling attention to 63 beautiful children who have been waiting years and years for a family. These are the "forgotten" ones, even though many of them are familiar to those who follow Reece's Rainbow. Here are the eleven children out of the 63 that I am pleased to introduce to you. If you could, share them far and wide. They have been waiting far, far too long:

Mark, from Latin America (click on the photos of each child for more information):

I am almost six years old, and I am available to single moms!

Mark has a bright smile, he loves to play and he has a large adoption grant! He was on the  My Family Found Me page for a short time, but was soon relisted. :( I pray he will find his forever family soon.


Sheridan recently turned seven:

Don't let the picture fool you! He is not confined to a wheelchair.

This is one active little guy! Healthy and full of life! He needs to find a family so that he can run and jump and play like a little boy should. Other photos of Sheridan available.


Those eyes!!

This beautiful boy just turned eight, and is still without a family. He is available to single moms. He will thrive in a real home!


Soon he will be transferred out of the baby house with all those toys.

Tomas has a calm nature and is six years old. He needs the love of a mama. He can be adopted by single moms and older parents.


There are two Sashas that need to be seen:

The first Sasha:
Who can resist him?
According to his profile, he lost his family. He is in need of a new one, as he has already been transferred. Please consider giving Sasha a chance at a good life.


The second Sasha:

I'm with the "Lost Boys" now...

Tragically, we just learned that Sasha has been transferred to the "Lost Boys" institution where Porter is. Porter has a family coming for him, and I pray that Sasha can be so lucky.


Grant is on my tabs at the top of my blog:

Why yes, I AM adorable!!

Isn't he precious! I just want to squeeze him! Grant is healthy and active! Come and get him, Mom and Dad!


Ruslan! I just featured him in my last post:

Mr. Personality!

I think we can all see that this boy is a ray of sunshine. He has already been transferred, so it's imperative that he find a family soon.


Devon is a cutie, and he's been waiting soooo long:

I am available to older parents and single moms!

Significant risk if not adopted soon! Please consider bringing Devon into your family.


Alexei is raring to go!

I am ready to have fun!
Alexei is described as affectionate and lively. What a joy he would be for any mom and dad! So much potential there. 


Poor, sweet Kyle!

I've already been transferred. Please help!

Kyle seeks out physical contact and affection. Older parents, single moms, large families welcome! And, he has a sizeable grant. Please let's work to find a family to love him.


Thank you for taking the time to look in the faces of these children, and please consider sharing this with your friends and family. Remember, it only takes one person to see a child and change his future. 

Follow the blog blitz to see the rest of the 63 children who've been waiting for many years, by highlighting and then opening the links below. Remember that some of them may be posting later in the day, so keep checking back.


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