Thursday, July 26, 2012

A thank you, and… someone irresistible!

First, thank you SO much for your response to this. And by the way, it's not too late to request a sneak peak! Just let me know. There's been more than one who's shed tears of joy at what was seen on that private blog.

Second, if you own an etsy shop, or if you have nice items at home that you no longer want and that are easily shipped, please think about donating to an online auction that Meg is whipping together for Ava and Elaine to come home. I've seen the items (even donated a few), and they are excellent!

(FYI: One of the items gets the RR orphan of your choice featured here on the Orphan Report and on my Little Catholic Bubble blog… which has a lot more readers! Anyone and everyone who bids $10 will win this opportunity, so there will be multiple winners. I'll let you know when the auction runs!)

Meantime, I have replaced Andrew's tab with a new child, who is absolutely beautiful, and in desperate need of a family!

It might be hard to resist him, so be prepared!


Meet Ivan, nearly five:

Eyes you could drown in.

Mama, please come!!

Ivan has cerebral palsy, and he faces the institution SOON. Please, please, spread the word. We can't let that happen. This child is worth fighting for!



  1. Thank you Leila for posting about the auction!

    So happy for Andrew and his family!

    Ivan is such a beautiful child!!! He needs a mama so badly!

  2. I donated something from my shop. Let's get those kids HOME!

  3. Ivan looks like your son! OMGOSH!