Friday, July 20, 2012

How could I not respond?

A few days ago, a woman posted the following on the Reece's Rainbow official facebook page (I have omitted her name):

Im really getting discouraged. I have been praying for Iryna 8w for a year and a half....even before she was on RR...I have started a blog for her and tell EVERYONE I meet about her. Theres very little info about her and I have been unsuccessful trying to get more info on her. Her region will only give info to home study approved families. I feel like Im failing this little girl and I truely do love her. Im not sure what I expect any of you to do but I guess Im just venting....

Please click Iryna's picture for more information

I just had to put her sweet little face out there in case her future mama is reading. Or in case you know of anyone who might be willing to adopt this little girl. Here is another photo:

I need a family!

Also, little Pasha's family has begun their facebook auction for his benefit. I've already bid on about five items and the bidding wars are vicious! Check it out! The items are top quality (I'm a stickler for that):

And, if you are looking for the "big ticket items" to win in a giveaway, don't forget Sylvia's Baby Shower/Giveaway, where the prizes boggle the mind. The success of this giveaway will allow the family to be fully funded and able to bring home their two beautiful girls:

The Ultimate Giveaway/Baby Shower!!!

Finally, if you haven't gotten to know sweet Martin, who has been a bit overlooked, please check out the Kindle Fire/Visa gift card giveaway that his mama is sponsoring to get him home soon:

Martin has a family waiting! 

Thanks for your support, everyone! You have all been a great help to these children and families; I've seen first hand that it's making a difference.



  1. Oh gosh, what a little love. Sigh.

  2. Oh, Iryna...Where is her mom and dad?? I will pray for her especially today!

  3. Oh Leila, don't be discouraged! You are bringing such light and attention to these kids!

    1. Whoops, that might have been misleading… it was another lady that wrote that paragraph (about being discouraged), so I changed the intro a bit. :)

  4. Thank you for promoting our auction!!

  5. She is precious! We will add her name to our prayers today and her warrior too.