Sunday, July 1, 2012

Keeping Andrew out there...

While I am out of the blogging world for a little bit (though I will check in with this blog from time to time), I want to keep Andrew's plight in the spotlight.

You've seen him before, but he's on my heart daily, so I will continue to talk about him until a family finds him.


Andrew is blind. That's all. He is a little boy stuck in this crib, all day, every day, in an Eastern European orphanage with no family, because he is blind.

Please, spread the word, and let's find a family to adopt Andrew and get him out of this damn crib…. Watch below to see how he spends all of his time:

(Thankfully, large families and older parents are eligible to adopt Andrew -- as well as smaller families and younger parents, of course. Click on the image above to get  more information on Andrew.)

Sorry, but this makes me angry.


Please, share this link with others. His family has got to be out there somewhere! And we have many people ready to assist in any fundraising that may be needed to complete the adoption.

God bless you!


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