Wednesday, July 4, 2012

No mental delays...

This just kills me.

Asa is a precious four-year-old boy who is speaking and who is developing, cognitively, in a normal manner. His disabilities are physical, not mental, and he needs a home and proper medical care for his spina bifida. He could be a doctor, a professor, an engineer… but only if  someone adopts him and gets him out of that crib!

Gorgeous boy! Needs a family to find him! Click on his photo for more info.

Please consider sharing. If you know anyone who has a child with spina bifida (I personally know two), you understand how amazing these children are. Bright, eager, full of life! There really is no stopping them, given proper medical treatment.

Click here to find out more about sweet Asa.


PS: I am a few days late, but those of you who like to collect change for the orphans (a great family project by the way -- kids love to do this), please consider Jen's bottle challenge for 4-year-old Brett:

Essentially, you will be throwing your spare change (for the month of July) into a bottle, to be donated to Brett's fund at the end of the month. A painless way to make a difference!

Look at his sweet face:

Brett has CP, and is a bright, happy boy! With therapy, he will thrive!

Thanks so much for considering it! This boy deserves a family. :)


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  1. When you come back "full time" I want to bribe you, i mean beg you, No, wait, ask you to do a post on Miles and perhaps I might have a nice incentive for a contest or giveaway for a donation blitz.