Tuesday, July 17, 2012

(*Updated*) SHOCK: Both my babies in the same place?????

**UPDATE: Twice in one day? Surreal. Another new photo of Oliver, in that horrible place.
Also, some details from another mom whose children were there, written several months ago. It is aptly titled, "Livid".


I am shocked. I had no idea that Andrew and Oliver were in the same orphanage. A complete hellhole. A place where the children are starved and neglected and abused. And available for adoption.

Please look at this:

Do you see the little boy with dwarfism, in the eleventh photo from the top? That is Oliver. He is the little boy that Dean and I raised money for in our Lenten almsgiving this year. He went from $13 in his grant to over $2500, enough to get him to the Moving Mountains page. He has even more money now. And he still waits, never moved from the crib, never loved. He is due to be transferred to the institution very soon, as he is about to turn five. However, I cannot imagine how the institution could be any more horrific than where he is now. 

And do you see the little boy in the stroller, a couple of pictures under Oliver's? The boy on the left, next to the smiley boy? That is Andrew, who has been featured on this blog so many times. The blind boy in the crib. You've seen the video of what he does all day, right?

He is likely starving and abused, like the rest of them. 

I am horrified. I am heartbroken. 

Let's get these babies out of their living nightmare and into loving families, with food, care, education, hugs and kisses, moms and dads. 

I just cannot believe that my two "favorites" are there in hell together.

Lord, have mercy.

Lord, forgive us.

Let's rally some troops, shine the light on this darkness, and bust them all out of there!!

Please, please, share this page. Twitter, facebook, email, blogs. God bless you for it!



  1. I shared but I feel like I am screaming at walls sometimes. I am about to stand on the side of the road screaming. Might do more good:)

  2. Brenda, I know!! But just think how Mother Teresa felt. So many millions, starving, dying. We can only help one at a time. Or a group of orphans at a time. God sees.

  3. Oh Lordy. I have to believe we are helping, even if it is just one child at a time. While we keep fighting there is still hope. There is always hope!