Thursday, July 12, 2012

So, I won an iPad...

… and much to the dismay of my children, I turned it down, and took the cash instead. Then, because I am obsessed with these beautiful orphans, I gave most of it back to the families who are adopting.

However! That does not mean I don't want to win more! I think that whatever I win next (yes, I am optimistic now that I've had a taste of victory) I will actually keep. And, given that the odds are so good in these giveaways, I am determined to keep entering. The two most fantastic giveaways that I'm currently entering are these:

(Helping the Czerkes bring home Peter!)


(Helping the Middletons bring home Ava and Elaine, by giving away a brand new iPad, lots of cash, a flat screen TV and blu-ray disc player, a Nikon camera, an iPod Touch)

BOTH of these giveaways will serve to get each family fully funded! Please, at least click on them and check it out. No donation necessary to enter!


Now to Ruslan. This sweet boy has been listed on RR for years and years. No one has come for this happy, playful child, and as a result, he has been transferred to an adult mental institution, where he is not seeing the kind of colors and toys that he had when this picture was taken:

Over $7200 has already been raised for my adoption grant! And, I am not  in the most expensive part of Eastern Europe! Adoptions are cheaper and quicker where I am!

A mama cannot come quick enough for this adorable ray of sunshine called Ruslan!



  1. You were the lucky iPad winner?? Congratulations, and, I'm so jealous! (But in a good way.)

    Great fundraisers!