Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Brent's got over $15,000, a video to make you smile all day, and now he just needs a mama!

Brent is simply amazing. He was one of the first children I saw when I started poking around Reece's Rainbow. He had a ton of money sitting in his grant, untouched, and the lone photo on his profile was so sad (you can see it here, on the right). It was heartbreaking to learn that this sweet boy had been transferred to an institution. 

So, I cannot tell you the joy so many of us felt when we were able to see a new photo of Brent…

A smile worth a million bucks!!

…and the most amazing video! No, really, you need to watch this! You will not be able to stop smiling. He is the first boy shown*:

See what I mean? You've probably already played it repeatedly, as I did!

It is so wonderful to know that Brent is still full of glee, even after being transferred from the baby house, and even though he spends most of his time confined to a bed. Wouldn't he be the most joyful presence to any family? What a blessing! And the fact that his grant is so high means that fundraising will be minimal -- and relatively easy, I'm guessing, considering how many people love Brent and want to help him get home.

One of those who loves Brent dearly is a woman named Gilda who pointed me to these photos (in addition to the video):

So good to see him out and on a bike! Imagine the life he could live outside of an orphanage!

This picture is from Brent's younger years, at the baby house. 

From his profile: "Brent is an orphanage favorite, and is blessed to be part of an orphan care program that provides him with a nanny and one-on-one stimulation. He is considered lower functioning, but will truly blossom like a flower in a loving family environment."

Brent is an orphanage favorite for a reason. He's a bundle of love and sunshine, and he's been waiting so very long to have a family of his own. Let's get his face out there, let's share his precious video, and let's get him home where he belongs! Click his photo for more info!

*For anyone who is wondering, the second boy in the video, Maxim, has a family coming for him! Let's make that happen for Brent, too!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Little Piper needs your help!

A wonderful woman who wishes to remain anonymous has written today's guest post. Please let's all rally to help find Piper a family!

Last month, my husband and I traveled to Eastern Europe to visit the child we’re hoping to adopt. It was a fantastic experience. Plus, we got the opportunity to meet another potential adoptee along the way.

This is Piper:

Piper is a very sweet three-and-a-half year old who lives in a fantastic baby house in a rural area of her country. Piper’s baby house has 43 children, with 11 in her groupa. Piper was only recently transferred into this (the oldest) groupa due to her special need, microencephalopathy. Basically, Piper is small. Although she is nearly four years old, she’s roughly the size of a two year old. She is easily the smallest child in the group.

The baby house Piper lives in is run by a fabulous medical doctor who was very patient and kind to us. Unlike many other adoptive families we’ve spoken to, we were encouraged to observe all aspects of the orphanage, including meal times, snack times, indoor play areas, the outdoor playground, cribs and beds, the baby rooms – everything. We were even allowed to give our child a bath. We were amazed at the openness and the patience that the entire staff gave us. Here’s Piper eating a peeled apple during snack time:

Piper’s doctor related that, in hindsight, Piper was kept with the younger children for longer than necessary. With the older group, she’s coming out of her shell, speaking in complete sentences, and enjoying playing with the other children. She has some orphanage behaviors, including rocking and self soothing, but accepts redirection. Piper was excited to see us! She was friendly with us, and with the other adults and children. She seems quite smart and was always in a great mood when we interacted. In fact, while I was attempting to take a picture of another Reece’s Rainbow child, Piper hopped right in and gave me a big smile!

The baby house itself is a large building in a rural town. We found it to be very well staffed, with adequate supplies and plenty of food. The children were very well taken care of and their love for the orphanage director was evident every time she walked into the room.

Time is limited for Piper. She turns four in October, at which point she will be transferred to either an orphanage or an adult mental institution. It’s likely she won’t fare well there. The two things standing in the way of Piper living a better life are a family and funds for them to adopt her.

Please consider passing along the link to this blog post. Share it on Facebook. Tweet it. Visit Piper’s page on Reece’s Rainbow, here. Consider making a donation. Every dollar gets her one step closer to finding the family that will improve her life tremendously.

Thank you so much for caring about the fate of this beautiful child!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sweet cheeks, ahhhhhh! Someone go and squeeze that baby girl for me!!

Yana, Yana, Yana!!! She is too cute! How can anyone resist this face??

Don't even try to resist me!

Goodness gracious, I can't help but smile as I type this, and believe me it's unusual to smile when writing up stories and posting pictures about special needs orphans who desperately need families!

But look at her! I mean, seriously!? I want to kiss those cheeks and grab that little hand and just hold her close! She is practically edible!

Yana is one year old now (born May 2011), and she has Down Syndrome and a treatable heart condition as many babies with DS do. The earlier she gets it fixed, the better, with an excellent prognosis.

Yana's region is described as a "fabulous region to visit", with the restrictions that only married couples may adopt, and that there be no more than four children at home.

Apparently, sweet Yana had a family that had committed to her in the past, but those plans did not work out, and so she still waits…maybe for you?

Meanwhile, folks an ocean away from her have come to her aid, including wonderful Michelle, who first alerted me to this adorable child. And then more recently, Michelle alerted me to amazing Laura*, who is putting on a facebook auction for Yana, here:

Check out the items and do some early Christmas shopping! All proceeds will go to Yana's adoption grant.

Please, someone go get this cutie before she gets any older! She will benefit so greatly from a family right now, while she is still so young and squishy!

As usual, I beg you to share this page and get the word out. Once her face is on computer screens across America, she will not be an orphan for long!

Thank you so much, guys…. Working as a team, we will get Yana safely home. :)

*More pictures of Yana on Laura's blog!


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Please don't ignore her. She's been overlooked all her life.

Can you see the perfect child inside?

Marla is a loving five-year-old girl who has severe CP, and who is at imminent risk of transfer to an adult institution. The photo on the left is the more recent one, and she appears to be going downhill, doesn't she? Clearly, she is malnourished and is essentially bedridden. Once she is transferred (God forbid), things will get much worse for Marla. Please, we cannot let that happen!

Marla was brought to my attention by an incredible woman, Sandra McKinney, who has become a powerful adoption advocate. In fact, the whole family loves and advocates for Marla. Talk about impressive:

First, her daughter Gracie, age 13, wrote this post about Marla:

And her daughter Cassandra, age 17, who has cerebral palsy herself, wrote this:

Amazing young women, doing what they can for love of this special, helpless, motherless girl.

And now there is a concrete way that the McKinney family is helping Marla. If you have a facebook, and if you love buying and/or selling used books, you can help Marla and have fun at the same time!

Look at those low prices! And all the money goes to Marla's adoption grant. You can also donate some of your books for the auction. Who doesn't love books?

And really, would couldn't love sweet, beautiful, innocent Marla? Pray for her, advocate for her, consider taking her home as your own daughter. Few are as helpless and desperate as she. May the Lord keep her in the palm of His hand until she is delivered safely to a loving family.

Please click here to be taken to Marla's RR profile page.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oh my gosh, watch this video!! This three-year-old will grab your heart and never let go...

I am always so struck when I see an orphan on Reece's Rainbow described as "happy"! It means that the spirit inside that child has not been snuffed out but is still beautiful, still hopeful. It means that the child is able to experience great joy, even when all of life's odds are against him.

Sweet Ivan K is just such a child, a special little man who is known for his cheerfulness! He is just three years old and diagnosed with Apert Syndrome, and yet he has an upbeat nature that frankly many of us healthy folks don't have.

Unfortunately, Ivan's physical problems need to be addressed immediately. An update from November 2011 states: "He needs surgery very soon or he will miss the window of opportunity to correct the fusion of his skull bones before it damages his brain." Ivan K.'s intelligence is fully intact, so this is truly an urgent situation. There is no more time to waste.

Will you please come and save me? Are you my mama?

Look at those beautiful eyes!!!

In America, his surgery would have been performed long ago. But in his home country, he still waits for someone special in America to see him, and to want him, and to take him home. 

Ivan is a smart little boy (the caretakers have emphasized this over and over!) who understands everything that is said to him, but who cannot talk at all because of a partially cleft palate, another condition that can be corrected in America with surgery. The doctor in his home country believes that he has a "favorable prognosis", and he should do well! 

If only he can get to America to get his treatment in time.

Ivan's life is precious and full of potential. 

Look at that face! Who wouldn't want to grab him, pick him up and hug him, and never let him go? 

If you don't already want to, you will in a minute, as we are so blessed to have a bit of video of Ivan, too! You can see a short bit of him at around 38 seconds, and a little longer clip just after the two minute mark: 

Oh my gosh, is he not adorable??? Seriously, who can resist him?? Can you just see his daddy with him someday, playing cars on the floor? 

Ivan has a sizeable grant of over $4200 that will go towards his adoption expenses, and praise God, he also has the love of a wonderful woman named Heidi who will do anything in her power to help a family bring him home.

More pictures are available of Ivan, as is his complete medical history.

Please, take that leap of faith for this smart and happy little boy whose future depends on his finding a family as soon as humanly possible. He really does not have much time left to keep him happy.

If you cannot adopt Ivan, won't you please share his story or link this to your blog? Maybe tweet it or link it to facebook?

It only takes one "mama" to make this child an orphan no more.

Click Ivan's photo for more information on this precious, worthy boy.


Monday, August 13, 2012

Quick Reminder if you forgot!

I am the kind of person who needs about twelve reminders if some detail or task does not require my immediate attention.

So, when I announced the $2,000 Oliver matching grant a week ago, I know that most people put it out of their minds to wait until later. I totally understand!

If you were thinking of donating even a dollar or two (which will be doubled instantly!), please consider doing so now, while you are still thinking of it:

Oliver's grant (donation button on the bottom)

We are halfway through the two-week challenge, and are almost halfway there!!

Here is the couple providing the generous grant:

They and their son have a form of dwarfism as does Oliver, so he is near and dear to their hearts.

Oliver is five years old and will be transferred soon.

Please help save me! 

Thank you all so very much!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

UPDATED: Meet two beautiful residents of the "Bad Place". Time sensitive report.

** UPDATE: Payton and Penny's files have been returned. Their listings are gone when you click their links. HOWEVER, their files are still available for those who ask, so please let me know, or better yet, email Shelley at if you are interested in these children!

All the orphans we discuss on this blog have urgent needs, but some are, in reality, more urgent than others. These two beautiful, lost children are in the Bad Place, which I wrote about last April. The place has improved since the government got involved, and many children have been saved.

But not these two. Not yet.

Their time is running out, and the need to get their faces out there is critical. You see, RR only has their files for a limited time, and when that time is up, RR will no longer have access to their information.

First, there's Payton. Oh, my heart. How can this be? He is eight years old and weighs 17 pounds. His main issues seem to be cerebral palsy and severe malnutrition.

Payton has been starved for most of his life. This picture breaks my heart.

Payton as a younger child.

Here is a summary of Payton's situation:
Payton was placed in an orphanage immediately after birth. He was then placed back with his birth mother when he was 14 months old. His mother returned him to the orphanage when he was 22 months old. He has been in the orphanage since that time. He lives in an orphanage where he received little medical intervention for his needs until just a few months ago. He has been blessed to receive significant medical intervention due to a special medical fund set up to assist children at his orphanage. 
In May 2012, after treatment through the medical fund, he was diagnosed with severe malnutrition. He has been placed on a specific feeding regimen to address this issue. He is currently almost 8 years old and weighs just 17 pounds. He has also received lens implants to fix his cataracts. He has spent the majority of his life in a crib. He shows an interest in what is going on around him and enjoys attention. He needs a family that will help him to reach his true potential.

There are additional photos and a video clip of Payton from June 2012, if someone is interested in learning more about this precious boy. Please, I beg you to spread the word and ask others to do the same. Click here for more information.


Next, there is dear Penny. She is in the Bad Place, wasting away. She is almost 12 years old and weighs just 21 pounds. Penny's main issues are internal hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy, and rotted teeth. I would add that she is clearly malnourished as well!

Despite a life of neglect, Penny still has a spark of joy!

More info:
Penny is 11 years old and weighs just 21 pounds. She’s been confined to a bed her entire life in an orphanage where she received little interaction or care. She is still fed from a bottle and cared for very much like a baby. She has never had the opportunity to reach her full potential.

There are several additional photos available of Penny, and a video clip from June 2012. Penny is a child of God who deserves the love of a family. Please, consider rescuing her from this dark life she has lived, or pass along her information to your friends, neighbors, pastors, everyone! It only takes one person to see her smiling, innocent face, and she will be saved. 

Click here for more information.

Both Payton and Penny are available for adoption by large families, older parents, and single moms, and they come from a nation that has a relatively easy and inexpensive adoption process. If ever you've felt the urge to adopt a special needs child or even to jump into advocacy for such children, now is the time!

Thank you for sharing the faces and stories of these beautiful, very desperate children.

And endless thanks to Lydia -- an amazing woman who is adopting two children of her own from the Bad Place -- for bringing Payton and Penny to my (and your) attention!

To sweeten the pot, Lydia has this offer for you, with no donations involved:

I am running a giveaway to find their mamas. All you have to do to be entered is share my blog post about them on facebook or twitter or by email and let me know. Please, please help me rally around these two precious souls. We can't leave them in that place!

Please, share, share, share!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

When Brenda saw Miles…

… a part of her heart became his forever.

But he's the "son" that cannot be hers.

Oh, she tried with all her might to make him hers, but it turns out that Brenda and her husband are not in a position to adopt him.

Let me tell you a little bit about Miles, who is just three years old and full of life and spunk!

Miles has HIV, which is controlled by medication, and he is in every way a normal little boy. If he is adopted, he will live a normal lifespan and do everything that everyone else does. That is the situation with HIV today. It is not scary like it used to be.

Unfortunately, people are still afraid when they see "HIV", not realizing how manageable it is, and that there is zero chance of spreading the virus via normal, casual contact with others. Because of the lingering stigma of HIV, Miles may not get the interest from families that some of the other orphans on Reece's Rainbow get.

Today, Brenda is his official "Guardian Angel" and advocate, and she and her husband stand ready to assist any family who commits to Miles with fundraising and perhaps some seed money, if possible.

In two years, this wonderful boy ages out of the baby house; and trust me, that is not good. He will go to an adult mental institution, where all the toys and colors and books he's been used to will be gone forever, as will the care and love from the nannies. If he does not get adopted, his future, which is right now full of hope and potential for a normal, happy, productive life, is bleak to the point of unthinkable. Please, don't let this little boy's life turn into a tragedy. He must not become a statistic!

Finally, for those of you who want to see more of Miles, please go to this page, where you will see a video of this precious child in action! You will not be able to resist his charms:

Please contact me, or Brenda, or Reece's Rainbow for more information on Miles.

God bless you for your interest in this little boy, and please, share this page with everyone you know!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Sometimes it really is a matter of life or death.

Dear, sweet Wyatt.

A lot of people have been watching Wyatt for a long time. But no one has yet been moved to adopt him. 

He doesn't have a lot of time to wait, because his health is precarious. But he's hanging on, and as you can see by his two photos (the one on the right is the "before" shot), he appears to be doing better lately. With proper medical care, this boy can be saved. He can thrive!

This darling little one is only three years old. He deserves a mama. He needs someone to come and save him. Please spread the word to any big-hearted folks you know. Someone will see him and just know that he is supposed to be home --  a concept this little guy has never known. Yet.

(Please consider following Lisa's blog, Wyatt's Warriors, to keep up with his news. Also, please consider adding it to your blog roll!)


Oh, and sweet Haven:

Who would not want to scoop her up and comfort her, especially after reading this:

Girl, Born March 2006 Poor Haven……sweet little girl.   Such a pretty girl burdened with such medical and cognitive difficulties….and no mama to love her through them. 
From her medical records:  celiac disease, CP, toxic Hepatitis, hypotrophy of III stage. 
From our team who visited there: Haven is afraid of strangers and would not interact with us. :(
This precious girl, just six years old, needs the love of a family. Can't you just imagine how she would blossom within the safety of a real home?

Please, shout for Haven! Tell people that she is in need. God will provide, but He asks us to act.

Today, I am praying for families for Wyatt and Haven. Won't you join me? And won't you consider that maybe you are the family for one of these little ones?


Sunday, August 5, 2012

It's started!!! Ahhhh!

It's time to bid! Go now to this link at facebook, and you will find all these items and MANY MORE! 

Auction to Save Yulia and Elaine!
Runs through next Sunday, August 12!

Hand painted by Andrew's new mom, Lynn Spivey! One of a kind gourds!

Your choice from Becky's etsy shop!


Customize this rosary with the colors of your favorite team! The beads are NOT plastic!

So much more, so go bid now!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Hang on, Oliver! A new chance to save him….

This is so exciting!

Oliver was the first little one I actively advocated for. When I first "met" him, he had $13 in his adoption grant and had been laying in a crib, ignored and utterly lonely, for four long, agonizing years.

Today he has $3,536.80 in his grant, and has had serious inquiries from prospective families. So far, none of them has been able to commit.

I had just received some sad news about a family who unfortunately could not go through with adopting Oliver, when the very next day, I received this email out of the blue:

Hello Leila!

My name is Kim and I live in CA with my husband and 1 year old son. We all have Achondroplasia (a type of dwarfism) and found your site looking for information on little Oliver.  ( .  We have truly fallen in love with him and his need to find a family is so great. We have been praying about him for some time now, and I really think the Lord had us find our way to your blog. Unfortunately we are currently unable to adopt at this moment, but your idea of matching his donations completely lit something in our hearts.  We have been talking to Reece's Rainbow and decided that we will match any donations up to $2000 given to him at this point on to try and kick start his grant again. LPA Adoptions (Little People of America) has sadly not received much interest in him, so we were hoping even larger donations to his grant would steer more families to consider his adoption.

Kim and Ronnie D.

So how about it guys? Here we go… A $2,000 matching grant has been offered, and we are now kicking off a two-week push to meet that challenge!

Please click here to donate. And please, if you cannot donate, share, share, share this post!!

His grant was at $3546.80 at the start, so the goal is to get him to $5546.80! Let's watch the numbers grow!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Love for Meg and Justin!!

This is fun, because she doesn't know…tee hee!

I am so happy to announce that our own Meg will be the recipient of 20% of all sales from Rhiannon's etsy shop, Rae's Gifts, during the month of August! I'm pretty sure this comes as a shock to Meg, who is adopting Justin from Eastern Europe and has never asked for a penny from anyone, while advocating and fundraising for many, many others.

Please, check out the beautiful, personalized items available to grace your home, such as:

What a beautiful way to display your family name! 8x10 Print also has the date your family was established. I can do other backgrounds and images, print can be fully customized! Your colors, image preferences and background! This is printed professionally on paper then mounted on canvas and has a matching ribbon for hanging. You can also get this printed directly on canvas for an extra $15, if you want this option please contact me before purchasing.


Baby birth date and name print with personalized birth stats and custom colors. A beautiful keepsake print to commemorate baby's birthday.

* Great for an adoption gift too*

Shown here in a beautiful neutral color scheme. Choose these colors or select your own.

Title: Custom Birth Print
Size: 8x 10 inches

** PRINT ONLY FOR SALE, if you want item as shown on canvas and with ribbon for hanging please contact Rhiannon**


Aren't they beautiful? There is more to see in the shop! Thank you, Rhiannon for your generous offer, and thanks to everyone for supporting Meg and her husband as they work to bring home Justin!