Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Brent's got over $15,000, a video to make you smile all day, and now he just needs a mama!

Brent is simply amazing. He was one of the first children I saw when I started poking around Reece's Rainbow. He had a ton of money sitting in his grant, untouched, and the lone photo on his profile was so sad (you can see it here, on the right). It was heartbreaking to learn that this sweet boy had been transferred to an institution. 

So, I cannot tell you the joy so many of us felt when we were able to see a new photo of Brent…

A smile worth a million bucks!!

…and the most amazing video! No, really, you need to watch this! You will not be able to stop smiling. He is the first boy shown*:

See what I mean? You've probably already played it repeatedly, as I did!

It is so wonderful to know that Brent is still full of glee, even after being transferred from the baby house, and even though he spends most of his time confined to a bed. Wouldn't he be the most joyful presence to any family? What a blessing! And the fact that his grant is so high means that fundraising will be minimal -- and relatively easy, I'm guessing, considering how many people love Brent and want to help him get home.

One of those who loves Brent dearly is a woman named Gilda who pointed me to these photos (in addition to the video):

So good to see him out and on a bike! Imagine the life he could live outside of an orphanage!

This picture is from Brent's younger years, at the baby house. 

From his profile: "Brent is an orphanage favorite, and is blessed to be part of an orphan care program that provides him with a nanny and one-on-one stimulation. He is considered lower functioning, but will truly blossom like a flower in a loving family environment."

Brent is an orphanage favorite for a reason. He's a bundle of love and sunshine, and he's been waiting so very long to have a family of his own. Let's get his face out there, let's share his precious video, and let's get him home where he belongs! Click his photo for more info!

*For anyone who is wondering, the second boy in the video, Maxim, has a family coming for him! Let's make that happen for Brent, too!



  1. That video is adorable. I could watch it over and over! Why on earth did they shave his head? I know they do that in the institutions but isn't he still in the baby house?

    He is so cute! It won't be long until someone falls in love.

  2. Becky, he is not in the baby house. He was transferred to an institution, but it does seem better than most! The head shaving… ugh.

  3. I guess I read the post too fast and the information didn't sink in. Ugh, poor guy. Prayers for him. :(